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Contact Lens Guide

Are you wearing the best contact lenses?

You may have been wearing the same contact lenses for years, but have you ever thought about changing type from monthlies to dailies or upgrading your contact lens? Nowadays modern contact lenses offer high levels of comfort and flexibility, and most are designed to fit many types of eye shape, providing wearers with lots of choice when it comes to finding the perfect contact lens.

We know that some of our customers swap between contact lenses, choosing coloured lenses for special occasions or daily lenses when they go on holiday to minimise the inconvenience of contact lens cleaning. If you’d like to experience this kind of freedom why not speak to your optician about what other alternatives are available for you.

If you’re finding your lenses feel uncomfortable, especially towards the end of the day, this could be easily fixed with a new brand of contact lenses that better fit the changes in your lifestyle.

Explore our contact lens guide, created by our in-house optician to find compatible and upgradable contact lenses for all the lenses we sell. If your looking for contact lenses that match a specific base curve e.g. base curve 8.6 or 8.4 use our table of contact lens specifications to find the right contact lenses for you.

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