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Ciba Vision - Focus Dailies All Day Comfort

720 lenses - £249.00 equals £10.37 for 30 contact lens(es)
Select Eye Power Base Curve Diameter
8.6 13.8
8.6 13.8
Select Quantity / Price
One Box (one power only) :
30 lenses, £14.50 (1 Box)
Left/Right Eyes
30 pairs (60 lenses), £28.00 - 1 Month
60 pairs (120 lenses), £54.00 - 2 Months
90 pairs (180 lenses), £69.00 - 3 Months
180 pairs (360 lenses), £129.00 - 6 Months
360 pairs (720 lenses), £249.00 - 12 Months
Focus Dailies All Day Comfort daily contacts combine the convenience of a daily disposable lens with low prices making it one of the biggest selling and most economical lens on the market. All Day Comfort provides an exclusive ultra-then edge design that gives exceptional comfort from the moment the lenses are inserted. Daily lenses mean no lens deposit build-up and no cleaning or maintenance.

Lens type: Daily replacement
Material: 31% Nelfilcon A
Water content: 69%
Oxygen permeability: 26Dk/t
Lens diameter (DIA): 13.8mm
Base curve (BC/Radius): 8.6
Available powers (SPH): +6.00 to -10.00
Handling tint: Yes
Usage instructions: Daily replacement
Contents: 90 contact lenses per box

All Day Comfort Dailies feature AquaComfort technology, a sustained release moisturiser resulting in greatly improved end of day comfort compared to the original Focus Dailies. The material is non-ionic which prevents protein from accumulating on the lens surface. It also employs Ciba Visionís patented LightStream Technology which accommodates thin edge design, resulting in a contact that enables easy insertion and comfort.

Availability: 95% of all standard lenses in stock. Same day shipment on orders placed before noon. Please contact us directly to inquire about immediate availability of specific prescriptions. Please note that a quantity of 90 lenses may be supplied in 3 x 30 lens boxes. Note: Opticianís own brands will also have a 8.6 b.c and 13.8 dia. More information is available at Ciba Visionís website.
Material 31% Nelfilicon A Water Content 69%
Manufacturer Ciba Vision Frequency Daily Replacement
Brand Name Focus Dailies All Day Comfort
Frequency Daily Replacement
Availability 95% of standard prescriptions in stock
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Andrew Goldsmith

These contact lenses are amazing! you cannot feel them in your eye and they last all day without drying up. However, they are very thin and therefore rip really easily. Overall still an amazing product and will 100% buy again :)
Afsana Khanom

Yeah fits my eyes love it
John Evans

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Tom Freeman

5* - thank you
André Henggeler Moura

Reviewer left no comment
kasemsant nuntachai

Very comfortable and good value
Robert Vince

(Customer left no comment)
Vincenzo Zinni

Really good contacts. Used to use these years ago and would irritate my eyes after wearing them for about 6 hours, or if I fell asleep in the afternoon my eyes would be sore. Now they do not irritate at all and can have a catnap with them in without irritation and wear them all day without feeling I had to remove them.
Louise Taylor

Ciba vision, Focus dailies are so comfortable I forget that I am wearing them, in fact I probably have them in a lot longer than I should.
Gordon Penman

love vision direct

Been using them for years - a slightly larger diameter wouldn't do any harm.
Maryann Briggs

Anoop Sudra

quick delivery and good value.
Andrew Keelan

Really can't fault them. Comfortable all day, light and thin.
Sarah Patrick

very very good.
Maureen Jones

Reviewer left no comment
Adam Rand

Hilary Foote

Reviewer left no comment
siobhan thorpe

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Ben Mays

Reviewer left no comment
Trudi Purkess

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Luis Mora Matos

Reviewer left no comment
Ha Tran

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lea-laetitia pontani

I always use Visiondirect their prices are value for money, the Focus Dailies are excellent value for money.
joanne bennett-fontaine

no comment left
Christine Lee

Reviewer left no comment
simon green

I may wear them all day and feel very good!
Xheni Duni

Great product, price and delivery! Thank you Visiondirect :)
Rachel Harrison

Good service.
keron richards

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Tonje Jorgensen

Reviewer left no comment
Mihails Suliks

Excellent customer service and great speed from order to delivery
David Robert Pemberton

(Reviewer left no comment)
Thomas Dean

(Reviewer left no comment)
William Richmond

(Reviewer left no comment)
nadya kassam

(The reviewer left no comment)
laura marangoni

(The reviewer left no comment)
Carla Walker

Great product. Am very happy with them. High comfort level.
Jane Baron

(The reviewer left no comment)
Michelle Renntoft

It is easy to get out and sometimes broken inside.
Qing Wang

(The reviewer left no comment)
Duncan Simpson

I have been using these contact lenses for a number of year (10+) and have always found them to be comfortable. I am not so adept at quickly inserting them and have had numerous problems from time to time when they just wouldn't go in (flipped inside out, stuck to finger, folding over during insertion etc). My main gripe with them is that after only 6/7 hours sometimes I find my vision starts to get foggy and a bit blurry. This is probably due to dry eyes, but I have tried other (monthly) lenses and this has been less of a problem. For that reason and the difficulties over the year putting them in (which is only once in a while) I give 4 stars instead of 5. The price is unbeatable for what you get though and they are good value for money. Once in and settled on your eyes they are comfortable and very clear.
Michael Brame

Reviewer did not leave a comment
Annie Noble

Comfortable and the vision is not affected even after over 12 hrs of wearing them. Highly recommended
jason kiefer

Reviewer did not leave a comment
Peter Coleman

Fast delivery
Jacqueline Haddock

Excellent service
Philip Cervera

Reviewer did not leave a comment
Steven Mitchell

I feel they are as good, or better than the Aqua Comfort Plus, and are not as expensive!
Margaret Keogh

The best online shopping for eyes care!!!!

Price has crept up a bit over the last year, but isn't that the case with everything! Great service though.
mark hobson

They allow me to see comfortably. Not sure what more I expect of contact lenses...?
Marcus Burton

They are very comfortable to wear, but it is really hard to understand which way they should go, you just have to try!!!
Simona Manca

Reviewer left no comment
Jennifer Mellor

Annette Tomlinson

Reviewer left no comment
Adam Carter

No comment left by reviewer
Alex Martin

No comment left by reviewer
Samantha Caswell

Great product and service very good. This month I am trying the competition maybe next month will give a comparison review.
Peter Sutton

Very good as always
Jean Chapman

Customer left no comment
Win Chung

Customer left no comment
Blake Mace

Customer left no comment
timberlake wertenbaker

Customer left no comment
Yukiko Nakamura

Fabienne Prouteau

Customer left no comment
Matthew Smith

Customer left no comment
Sara Johansson

Customer left no comment
lisa Hollinger

Customer left no comment
Andrew Miner

Customer left no comment
Alexander Gilbert

Customer left no comment
reena mongelard

Find these perfect - only use when playing sport for approx 3hrs at a time. Comfortable and easy to put in and out.
James Craib

Customer left no comment
Fiona Revell

Ed Gunn

Duncan Small

Wonderful contact lenses.
Tracy Palmer

(Customer left no comment)
Nina Wright

(Customer left no comment)
Simon Hill

easy to use, comfortable, great price.
Rosanna Radlinska-Tyma

Excellent product, efficient service, best price
Andrew Varty

A popular lens, comfortable but there are other options out there that are cheaper at the same comfort level.
Kristina Nyberg

I used to wear monthly contact lenses because of the cost of dailies but I just couldn't get on with them and found them very uncomfortable. I went back to wearing these and I couldn't believe how comfortable they were, I forget I'm wearing them and I wear them all day and they never get dry. I like to be able to wear a fresh pair every day too. Will definitely be sticking with these.
Louise Butcher

Really great value and arrived speedily. Can wear them all day comfortably
Jenny Walsh

Hi I am a musician and busy teaching assistant. These dailies are perfect and the regular service and delivery from visiondirect is fantastic. A lot of my colleagues are saying i pay a lot less for mine than theirs from the high street. Sport and my weekend gigs go well and im never short of lenses. Well done and thanks! Only slight grumble is the slight increase from 57 to 62 GBP but with rip off UK as it is out there, still quite a deal!! :)

I love that I found this easy to use website.Very helpful and the delivery is free and fast.Thank you Vision Direct.I'am one happy customer.
lourdes gaza

Excellent contact lenses, extremely comfortable and long lasting, amazing value for money!!!
Kimberley Pilton

I have been fiercely loyal to a supermarket brand for years and was overwhelmed that I have just saved myself £50 a year by switching to VisionDirect. Money I really need at the moment!
Mrs Logan

Lenses are always despatched very promptly and full order always received at one time. Good quality lenses

Happy with the product and it's performance
Joby Jacob George Malal

quick delivery, no fuss, would definately use again
Richard Meddicks

Cheaper than the high street. Speedy delivery. And even FREE delivery for repeat orders. What's not to like?!
Keith Pryce

Have been using Vision Direct for many years now, never had a problem and always happy with the product
Tracey Webb

very comfy! easy to put in

Great value everyday lenses coupled with an efficient company - makes my busy life a little easier!
Francesca Kum

Very good product! feel as good as specsavers contact lenses. One thing they can become dry sometimes (i have 2 carry some soloution around just incase) suppose most contacts do that anyway. Very good for the price!
joedie leigh brandwood

I really find it really easy to keep stockedup with my lenses and so much easier than having going out to buy my contacts!
Andrea Hope

Never bought lenses online before , so I was slightly hesitant but I was wrong! These are lenses with great comfort. Highly recommended if you are wearing them for long hours like I do! Duygu Celebi
Duygu Celebi

Very good trouble free lenses, Much cheaper than on the high street
Eleanor Rose

Ive found these dailies just brilliant and even when I made an error with my order the customer service people did everything they could to help - Ive plenty good things to say about the service and the product. To make it even better - it works out almost half the price of buying them in the high street for me. Thank you Vision Direct
bernadette oneill

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