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Bausch & Lomb - PureVision

24 lenses - £77.00 equals £19.25 for 6 contact lens(es) 1 Enter Prescription
Select Eye Base Curve Diameter Power
2 Select Quantity / Price
One Box (one power only) :
6 lenses, £25.00 (1 Box)
Left/Right Eyes
6 pairs (12 lenses), £42.00 - 6 Months
12 pairs (24 lenses), £77.00 - 12 Months
Sometimes called 'sphere' or 'strength'. Measured in diopters and always preceded by - (minus) or + (plus). Negative (-) powers help to correct short sighted conditions. Positive (+) powers help to correct long sighted conditions.
The diameter of the lens. Most brands come in a couple of sizes. Usually a 14.x number but could be between 13.x to 15.x.
Base Curve
Base curve, determining how the lens fits. It is usually an 8.x or 9.x number. Some brands use non-numeric base curves such as flat, media or steep.
Extra power needed for astigmatism. Always a - (minus) number.
The placement of the extra power in a toric lens for astigmatism. The axis can be anywhere between 0 and 180 degrees.
Select Eye
By unticking left or right eye you can order for one eye or one box.
PureVision continuous wear contact lenses by Bausch & Lomb are commonly worn overnight which means no solutions are needed. Purevision contacts can also be worn as monthly lenses. Purevision high oxygen permeability (DK) lenses offer a new level of... read more
Material 64% Balafilcon Water Content 36%
Manufacturer Bausch & Lomb Frequency Continuous Wear for monthly replacement
Brand Name PureVision
Frequency Continuous Wear for monthly replacement
Availability 95% of standard prescriptions in stock
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Customer Reviews

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I have used a number of different types of contact lenses from Dailies to Monthlies, and this is by far the very best brand.
Avi Lehrer

I do not find these lenses as comfortable as the Ciba Vision long-wear lenses, and they require regular cleaning as they accumulate particles.
Vanessa Newman

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Graham Duncan

Best monthly disposal lenses I have used.
Andrew Kennedy

I've been using these lens for last 18months+ and very happy with. Great quality, great comfort and great value from Vision Direct. Recommend +++

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John Alexander

Cassandra Pippos

They are comfortable, but tend to dry out on the eye rather easy
Guido Boef

Reviewer left no comment
Irina Diaconescu

The continuous wear lenses make life so easy - no more cleaning or storing and no more panicking if you fall asleep with your lenses in! You put them in your eyes for a month and forget about them. I have tried several brands but I have returned to Bausch & Lomb - PureVision lenses as I find them the most comfortable.
Lorna Kelly

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Allon Hazan

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Paul Murray

Much more hassle free than other contact lenses. They get a bit sticky towards the end of the month which makes my eyes a bit itchy. I find taking them out over night sorts this out and it helps to remind me that I need to put new lenses in!

usually it take my eyes a few days to acclimatize to a new set and if my cleaning regime isn't thorough then the lenses are uncomfortable which is my own dang fault. cleaned properly you can forget they're in.
jim clothier

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Hyekoo Lee

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Aaron Nelson

Reviewer did not leave a comment
Moritz von Schwedler

Kerry Knowles

Reviewer did not leave a comment
Antony Daley

Reviewer did not leave a comment
Ruth Hind

great lenses fantastic price
steven batchelor

Reviewer left no comment
Ulrich Schilbach

Reviewer left no comment
Dovile Cepleviciute

I Have been using these for more than two years, and they are really confortable. They dont make my eyes tried, and the best thing is that you can keep them on all night long to you dont have to worry about carrying the solution with you when you have a sleep over 5/5
Preet Kaur

Work very well with my eyes
Joe Chambers

Fast delivery. Good value products!
Gareth Edwards

Customer left no comment
marielle demilie

The best contact lenses I have ever used (and i've tried a lot over the years!) never had a problem with them and have recommended them to friends.
Coralyn stevenson

Just perfect what I expected! Nothing problem with it!
Nikoletta Staub

I have been using these now for 3 years and they are fantastic, comfortable and very well priced. thank you
Kris Shortland

Ever since I started wearing PureVision, I've completely forgotten that nasty feeling of eyes full of sand at the end of the day, and especially after taking a nap even for a few minutes. Travelling used to be a nightmare for me, having to remove the contacts and trying to balance everything on a plane's food tray - now with PureVision I don't have to worry about that anymore. After 17 years of wearing contacts I have finally found the ones that give me freedom.
Maria Henderson

I have been wearing these contact lenses for about 3 years and never had a problem with them. Just pop them in on day 1 and take them out on day 28, sometimes i forget that I am wearing them and have gone over by a couple of weeks with no problems what so ever. used to wear biofinity until they decided that they're contact lenses were only suitable for upto two weeks, but didnt think to inform me, thus resulting in two ulcers in one eye, woops! But switching onto these I havent had any problems since. and vision direct what can I say, brilliant service, quick delivery, nicely packaged. have had a couple of problems with delivery over the last 4 years but when informed they couldnt have done more to assist me, absolute 5 star ***** service
James CArswell

I have worn these for years, day and night, a month at a time and whilst asleep with no issues. Very comfortable. Brilliant!
Mark Goodger

Been wearing these for two years, no problem at all and love the fact you don't need to take them off at night. Very comfortable to wear and will recommend them to anyone!
Samuel Tsui

Ive been buying my lenses from Visiondirect.co.uk for about 6 years and Ive been 100% happy each and every time. Free P&P, fast delivery and excellent packaging. Id never shop anywhere else and have recommended Visiondirect to loads of people I know. The Bausch & Lomb PureVision contact lenses are awesome! Incredibly comfortable, you put them in and forget them for a full 28 days, day and night. I was getting minor eye irritations fiddling with daily diposable lenses twice a day, and my optician recommended PureVision as you just put them in on day 1 and remove them on day 28. I have a break for a day on day 29 and wear glasses, and then go back to my trusty PureVision and have 20/20 vision, no irritation, no problems, just perfect sight. 10/10
Barry Davies

Was using the vision express monthlies switched to this my eyes no longer got tired after 5 hours!
Jonathan Nakandala

I was using normal contact lenses, until I was told to start using SyHy ones, and these are brilliant, never have any problems. Good stuff!

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