Can I order contacts without prescription verification?

We thought you'd never ask. Yes - and we can help with that! Because we are based in Europe, we operate under European law, where there is no requirement to submit your prescription before purchasing contact lenses. It goes without saying that having a valid prescription when ordering is essential, we just don't have to verify it: we trust you to be proactive about your eye health, no matter where you live. We don't believe in making any compromises between convenience and quality - and are here to ensure our US customers looking to order contacts online without Rx don't either. But let’s rewind that for a second: if you would like us to verify your prescription, we are happy to do that too, easy-peasy. An extra pair of eyes can’t hurt, right?

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But wait a second - are you legit?

We are totally legit! Vision Direct is Europe's leading online contact lens retailer, helping thousands of happy customers around the globe to purchase contacts by providing a super easy, reliable and affordable service. We don't mean to brag, but we are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One might say we are too legit to quit (we couldn't help ourselves). But don't take it from us: here's what our US customers think about us.

Let's get down to business: our prices.

Unlike other contact lens retailers, we've cut out the middleman and buy our lenses directly from the manufacturer. This means we can keep our prices down and you will never have to overspend on your contacts! Hooray! We stock all your favorite brands like Acuvue, Dailies and much more, for the best prices around.

Shipping also falls under our hassle-free vibe. We know how important having your contacts when you need them is, so we aim to get them to you as quickly as possible. You can rest easy knowing they will be at your door within 5-9 business days - that's way quicker than most stateside eyecare providers!

Any questions?

Ah, we love questions! From checking your prescription to discussing any last-minute worries: our award-winning team of friendly, knowledgeable experts is here to help. Yes, they're all actual humans! You can reach them by phone (1 800 870 0741 for US, 020 7768 5000 for UK), email ( and online chat.

How do I order contacts in the US?

Ordering contacts on Vision Direct is easy as pie:

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1. Pick your brand

Dailies, monthlies, toric, multifocal: you name it, we stock it

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2. Enter your prescription

Your Rx is on your contact lens box, here's how to read it

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3. It's checkout time

Put your feet up, your contacts will get to you within 5-9 days

For the Record:

  • Prescriptions are the exact same between US and UK (unlike shoes or clothes) so you won't need to convert anything.
  • Our eyecare professionals can check your Rx - just let us know and we'll confirm with your eye care provider, which might delay your shipment by 2-3 days. Since we are based in Europe, prescription verification is optional so it's totally your call.
  • You're not tied down to any contracts/subscriptions, but we do have a super easy 3-click reordering system! Our handy reminders are ideal for those that prefer a set-and-forget approach, ensuring you never run out.

Contacts without verified Rx: What does the law say?

We operate in line with Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act (FCLCA), giving you the right to request your Rx from your eye doctor, and purchase your lenses with us. In the US, every citizen should receive a copy of their contact lens prescription when completing an eye exam - making you the master of your eye destiny and can save yourself a lot of time and money by buying your contacts online for less.

Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act: The Facts

The Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act (FCLCA) gives all contact lens wearers the following rights:

'When a prescriber completes a contact lens fitting, the prescriber whether or not requested by the patient shall provide to the patient a copy of the contact lens prescription.'

'A prescriber may not require purchase of contact lenses from the prescriber or from another person as a condition of providing a copy of a prescription.'

'A prescriber may not require payment in addition to, or as part of, the fee for an eye examination, fitting, and evaluation as a condition of providing a copy of a prescription.'

*source Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act

How do I find my contact lens prescription?

You can find your prescription on your contact lens box, usually printed on the side or on the back, giving you all the information you need to order your contacts with us. If it's the first time you actually get access to it and find all the variables confusing, we've put together a guide to understanding your contact lens prescription. Plus: our amazing customer service is available 24/7 by phone (US: 1 800 870 0741, UK: 020 7768 5000), email ( and online chat.

What our US customers love about us:

Vision direct Trustpilot reviews

Our US customers are some of our happiest, don't believe us? Check out some of their reviews.

"Ordered as a US customer & my contacts arrived 2 days earlier than expected. Didn't want to pay the eye doctor a ridiculous amount of money to tell me my prescription was the same & do nothing to benefit me. Decent price. Happy with the entire experience!"
Anne - April 2019

“I have only praise for the ordering process and for the expedited delivery of your products. I also appreciate your keeping me informed about order confirmation and expected delivery date. Thanks!”
Barry - July 2019

"Vision Direct is the best! Super fast shipping to the States too! Use them all the time!"
Brent - June 2019

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