What can spoil Christmas?

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With Christmas Day now steadily approaching, our research team of hardworking elves looked into the popular and potential things that might spoil this big day. A poll of 2,000 adults revealed that this festive period is, undoubtedly, the season of forgetfulness, too.

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In fact, our study showed that a quarter of Brits have ruined Christmas by forgetting something, with responses including not remembering to buy a family member a present or, the all-important gravy. Plus, 47% of adults mentioned how they would panic if they forgot their glasses, preventing them from cooking dinner properly, or opening presents, with ease.

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Additionally, we concluded that all this pressure to make the day perfect can take its toll. In total, 51% of interviewees said that they feel their stress levels rising, as the day gets closer, and 48% reported that their health and well-being takes a back seat when they prioritise others during this time.

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To illustrate our findings in more detail, we've put together an infographic, which lists the top things people forget for Christmas, as well as several interesting stats. Download the infographic

Top things which would spoil christmas

  1. Forgetting to buy a family member a present
  2. Realising the turkey is still raw in the middle/or off
  3. Burning the turkey
  4. Forgetting to turn the oven on
  5. Roast potatoes don't go to plan
  6. Misplacing someone's present
  7. Buying the wrong present for someone
  8. Forgetting the gravy
  9. Forgetting to put the vegetables on
  10. Forgetting to buy batteries for children's toys
  11. Running out of wrapping paper for last-minute gifts
  12. Running out of Sellotape
  13. Forgetting to buy a friend or close neighbour a present
  14. Forgetting to wrap a present
  15. The children don't like their presents
  1. Forgetting to buy the trimmings - cranberry, apple, mint, bread sauce
  2. To take the Christmas presents with you when visiting family/friends
  3. Forgetting to buy headache tablets in case you indulge in too much mulled wine
  4. Losing glasses or running out of contact lenses so you can't see/cook Christmas dinner/ open presents
  5. Disappointing Christmas crackers
  6. Misplacing or spilling something on your Christmas jumper
  7. Forgetting to clean the toilets for guests
  8. Forgetting to invite someone important
  9. Forgetting to put the stockings out for the children
  10. Forgetting to provide a vegetarian option
  11. Forgetting to send Granny or Grandad a card
  12. Being unable to find Christmas pyjamas
  13. Forgetting to buy/put on the Christmas jumper
  14. Forgetting to leave a mince pie out for Father Christmas
  15. Running out of mulled wine