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Take part in our jingle competition for a chance to win £10,000 #museyecal

The challenge

Get groovy and create your original Vision Direct jingle of up to 30 seconds for a chance to win a whopping £10,000.

Whether you get a crew together, or go solo - use the hashtag #museyecal on social to give us a sneak peek of the recording process.

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Jingle /ˈdʒɪŋɡ(ə)l/

Definition: a short slogan, verse, or tune designed to be easily remembered.


19th April — 24th May

Open for submissions

4th June — 17th June

Shortlist uploaded to YouTube & shared with public

17th June

Judges pick winner

22nd June

Winner announced!

Drumroll our winning jingle

Give it up for Almudena Almazor, the winner of our grand prize, who blew us away with this catchy track! Big thanks to all 702 amazing entries that made it so difficult for us to come to a decision. Listen to the winning jingle below.

Meet the judges

Pascal Moscheni photo

Pascal Moscheni

A Madrid-based DJ, designer and photographer, Pascal also owns a well-known music creation studio, PamPam.

Originally from New Zealand with French and Argentinian heritage, Pascal kicked off his career in the world of fashion design, before turning his attention to music and sound curation. Through PamPam, he enhances brand identities by creating custom playlists for stores, fashion shows, ads and campaigns, using the personality of the target audience for inspiration. His evidently skillful ear for music and eye for visual detail has resulted in a varied portfolio of projects, with numerous international brands, including Lacoste, Marc Jacobs, Dior and Cartier.

Favourite jingle: Always Coca-Cola

Riona O Connor photo

Riona O Connor

Irish comedic storyteller, songwriter, actor, and viral sensation, Riona documents her experiences of motherhood and parenting across her social media channels.

Having previously worked in theatres around the West End of London, she went on to create hilariously honest parodies. These videos, paired with her amazing singing and producing talent, led to the continuous growth of her online presence. Her latest project, a successful comedy album, titled 'The Brightside', was released this year.

Favourite jingle: ESB Energy

Ashley Mealor photo

Ashley Mealor

Chief Marketing Officer of Vision Direct, Ashley has been with the business for over 10 years, growing it into Europe's largest and most trusted online contact lens retailer with over 100 million turnover. Vision Direct now operates in the UK and US and several European markets such as Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and France.

With a particular passion for online marketing and growing internationally, his role has been instrumental in driving the company's success. His keen eye (and ear) for marketing has developed over 15+ years of experience as a Senior Marketing Leader, helping iconic brands such as British Airways, Betfair and O2.

Favourite jingle: the classic 'Finger of Fudge' TV commercial

Jameszoo photo


Record producer, host of NTS Radio, and Netherlands native, Mitchel van Dinther is better known by his stage name, Jameszoo.

After DJing in his hometown Den Bosch, he went on to attend the Red Bull Music Academy in New York, where he continued to create music with other artists. Following the release of several EPs, he was signed by Brainfeeder Records and released his first full-length album 'Fool' in 2016, and his second 'Melkweg' in 2019. Mitchel is recognised for his unique style, which merges elements of jazz, ‎experimental‎, and electronic genres.

Favourite jingle: HEMA

Chris Cracknell photo

Chris Cracknell

Chris, a mix engineer, producer and DJ from the seaside town of Brighton in the UK, works out of his own self-built, solar-powered studio, Gold Tone.

When he's not DJing at the biggest music festivals across Europe, Chris hosts radio shows on Soho Radio, The Face Radio 1BTN. He also mixes and masters tracks for clients from all around the world, helping them realise their vision and elevating their music to radio production quality. Chris has been working with music for over twenty years, so he can spot a hit a mile off.

Favourite jingle: UM BONGO

About us

At Vision Direct, we're constantly inspired to stand out from the crowd. We took the eye care world by storm by being the first online-only eye care business 20 years ago, so you know we're not scared to shake things up.

What's kept us on top all these years is that we never stopped listening to our customers. So it's only natural that we reach out to all you creative composers-to-be to inspire our jingle.