Flirting behind a mask

People flirting behind a mask

As masks continue to be the norm in the UK, our research team has been wondering just how we're meant to factor in certain behaviours like flirting, especially when most of our face is covered. To see if and how people have mastered the art of flirting behind a mask, we reached out to 2,000 adults.

The results revealed that unsurprisingly, more than half of our interviewees have found flirting with a face covering to be a struggle. In fact, 61% said that they can't even tell if someone is smiling back at them, and 55% said it's much harder to read another person's facial expression. Glasses steaming up were mentioned as another problem, resulting in the entire expression on their face being lost.

If you need some help when it comes to all things courting-related, we've teamed up with a flirt expert and coach, Jean Smith, to create a fun video of eye-centred flirting tips, tailored specifically to this socially-distanced time.

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