Contact Lenses for Sport

Not only are contact lenses practical, but also they are also perfectly safe to wear while playing sports or engaging in intense physical activity.

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Advantages of wearing contact lenses for sports

Whether you play sports professionally or follow a strict gym routine, contact lenses are possibly the most convenient option for correcting your vision. There are a number of benefits to them for sports.

  • Improved field of vision: Not only do contact lenses allow you to see what’s directly in front of you, but they also improve your peripheral vision by offering a sharp image from the corner of your eye.
  • Unobstructed view: Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses do not have a frame that could block your view. This dramatically reduces your chances of missing that crucial pass.
  • Better safety: When playing sports with eyeglasses, you are always at risk of getting hit by a fellow player or a ball, which may shatter the glass and possibly even cause an eye injury. In comparison, contact lenses are far less likely to be affected by a hit.
  • Clear lenses: Rain or shine, no matter the weather, your lenses will not get dirty or foggy while you’re in the field.
  • Comfort and practicality: Contact lenses will not slip off your nose and fall the way eyeglasses could. With lenses, you will never have to adjust their position in the middle of a game while you are focusing on scoring.

Types of contact lenses most suitable for sports

hockey players

Finding the perfect contact lens to wear for sports will allow you to reach your highest potential. In fact, research has demonstrated that wearing contact lenses for sports enhances individual performance.

Most sportsmen and women choose to wear soft contact lenses which are made up of a silicone hydrogel material. Up to 5 times more breathable than regular contact lenses, silicone hydrogels keep your eyes moist longer and are resistant to the build up of protein and harmful substances on the surface of the lenses. Because of this, silicone hydrogels reduce your risk of eye redness, dryness and infections.

Even if you normally wear glasses, daily disposables could be an excellent option to consider since they do not require any maintenance. You can simply dispose of them following the game or at the end of the day.

How do I decide which option suits me?

Finding the right lens for your needs is very important, so the best thing you can do is speak to an optician before purchasing anything. Once you have received your prescription and obtained your chosen lenses, you can be confident that you can engage in your preferred sport with self-assurance and comfort.

If you would like to wear contact lenses just for sport then speak to your optician about daily disposable lenses. They are a popular choice among sports enthusiasts, as they can be worn for a day (or just for your sporting event), then be disposed of, they also don't require contact lens solution, making maintenance easy.