Can pregnancy effect your vision?

It’s perfectly normal for your eyes to change during pregnancy, and that change can even mean your tolerance for contact lenses alters. This change is usually very slight though, and most mums can keep using their regular lenses with the help of some eye drops.

What happens to eyes during pregnancy?

  • Small changes to the thickness and curvature of the eyes
  • A slight swelling of the cornea
  • Drier eyes that can become irritable through the day
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Why your eyes can change during pregnancy

Due to changes in hormones, metabolism, fluid retention, and blood circulation throughout your pregnancy, experiencing a change in your vision is not at all uncommon. In fact some practitioners believe it can affect up to 90% of contact lens wearers albeit to a tiny extent in the vast majority of cases.

Water retention can cause the thickness and curvature of the cornea of your eye to increase slightly. It's a small change, but it could affect how well your glasses or contact lenses correct your vision. Also, the cornea can swell causing oedema. Corneal oedema may cause the cornea to become irritated more easily.

Frequent hormonal changes during pregnancy, can result in drier eyes. The quality or quantity of your tears may change substantially while you are pregnant, causing your eyes to feel uncomfortable on a more regular basis through. Don’t worth though, as this is is absolutely nothing to worry about and can be soothed with regular eye drops.