Exercising alone during lockdown

In a time when exercising outdoors is the highlight of the day for many, our research team wanted to find out if people prefer to do it by themselves. After reaching out to 2,000 active adults, the results revealed that two-thirds of our interviewees are happiest going it alone.

In fact, 4 in 10 said that they hate exercising in front of others, with reasons including not having the right gear, appearing unfit and not lasting the length of the class. Plus, one-third reported that they can concentrate better on what they're doing and like following their own schedule.

To help you decide what form of solo exercise is most suitable for you, we've teamed up with a personal trainer, Jon Hosking, to create a quiz.

Top reasons Brits prefer to exercise alone

  1. I like being able to exercise on my own schedule
  2. I like to be alone with my thoughts
  3. I can concentrate more on what I'm doing if I'm alone
  4. I like listening to music when I work out and feel rude doing so if someone else is there
  5. I don't want to be in close proximity to someone else because of Covid-19
  6. I can't stand being around ‘gym bunnies'
  7. I only want to worry about impressing myself, not someone else
  8. I worry about being judged
  9. I can't talk to anyone when I exercise
  10. I am currently heavier / larger than I would like to be
  1. I can't rely on someone else to be there all the time
  2. I'm just not very good at exercising
  3. I'd be worried about slowing someone else down if they worked out with me
  4. I'm self-conscious because I'm at the start of my exercise journey
  5. I worry I wouldn't be able to last the length of a workout class and embarrass myself
  6. I don't want to be held accountable if I fancy a day off
  7. I don't want anyone to see my sweaty workout face
  8. I think I look silly in my workout gear
  9. I don't like seeing other people sweat
  10. I don't think I have the ‘right' gear
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