5 half-term activities that won’t break the bank

Tuesday, 6 February 2018 by Vision Direct

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With half term coming up next week, no doubt parents across the country will be thinking of ways to spend the week with the kids. It can be hard enough to keep them entertained over a weekend, let alone a whole week, so we thought we’d suggest a few ways you can spend some quality time together over the holiday.

We’re always looking to save our customers money, so we’ve tried to pick out affordable activities that won’t break the bank. While tablets and other devices can be great for a bit of downtime, it’s good to mix it up with time spent outdoors and opportunities to get creative, too. We’ve tried to keep this in mind with our list of ideas.

Get creative with cardboard crafts

Craft model town

There’s the old cliché at Christmas that you buy the kids an extravagant toy, but they end up more interested in messing around with the box it came in. Well, if you’re looking to have some fun without spending a great deal then why not channel your child’s creativity into some cool cardboard crafts?

If you’re an online shopper, particularly a Vision Direct customer, you should have a good surplus of supplies to use as your base material. Just pick up some paints, glue, scissors, glitter or whatever you need to craft a cardboard creation and you’ve got hours of potential fun ahead of you. We decided to have a go ourselves and driven by a need to properly house the ever-growing population of desk mascots at Vision Direct HQ have put together a little town for them to live in.

Become Nature Detectives

Hopefully, there’ll be a day or two of good weather over the course of the week and, if you’re looking for something new to try, it’s worth checking out the Woodland Trust’s ‘Nature Detectives’ website. Here you’ll find a whole bunch of resources and activities designed to get your family enthusiastic about the abundance of wonderful woods that we have in Britain.

There’s plenty of free downloadable challenges and activities to get you and the kids outside exploring nature, including scavenger hunts, challenges of identifying the different trees and pine cone painting. With ideas for all weather conditions, if you and your family love to learn about nature, this website is a treasure chest of half term inspiration.

Travel by train for fantastic offers

If you’re looking for a day out over the holidays, then National Rail’s 2 for 1 entry offer may be just the ticket for you. Travel by train and you can enjoy a wide range of the country’s top attractions at a discounted rate including London Zoo, Edinburgh Dungeon, Cadbury World and Sea Life Manchester.

Maybe you live fairly local to one of these attractions and won’t be taking the train? You can still make the most of this offer, just buy the cheapest train ticket to the nearest national rail stop online and you can collect your ticket from the station and claim your discount. Just remember to present a National Rail ticket that’s valid for that day to enjoy half price entry.

Get gardening and grow some memories

Family planting a tree

Gardening activities are a great way to entertain the kids and teach them about nature, while giving your garden a little bit of love too- it’s win-win-win! There are number of different things you can do, either based indoors or outside, with several great suggestions readily available on the BBC website. One such idea is planting a tree together.

Take a walk round a park or woods, looking for seeds, conkers or something else to plant. Check no insects have been eating them, and you’ve got yourself the humble origins of a tree! Place some crocks at the bottom of a pot and fill with soil and compost. Plant the seed 2cm deep, cover with soil and compost and water it well. As it starts to grow make sure you keep re-potting it so that it continues to thrive over time.

Make the most of matinee deals at the cinema

On a rainy day, few things can beat a trip to the cinema, but sometimes going to the movies can be a bit pricey. Fortunately, over half term, most cinema chains have family tickets and half term offers that can keep the cost down.

The latest offering from Aardman Animations, The Early Man, is sure to go down a storm with the whole family this half term. From the people who brought you Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run, you can be sure that this prehistoric caper, described by director Nick Park as “Gladiator meets Dodgeball” will have something for everyone.

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