Emma's Easter Bunny

Wednesday, 23 March 2016 by David Blabey

We asked Emma Smith from Kids Craft Room make a special Easter bunny to celebrate our cut out competition, and here's how she got on!

Hooray, Easter is just around the corner and is such a fun time for children! The daffodils are blooming, the birds are tweeting, the trees are budding and we all start thinking of cute fluffy chicks, bouncing bunnies and of course chocolate eggs, yum!

My children and I are already getting into the swing of our Easter preparations with Vision Direct's cute free Easter Bunny printable. You can print it, cut it out and stick it together to make a gorgeous 3D bunny to decorate any way you like.

You can even share your finished bunny on Instagram using the hashtag #bunnycolourcomp to be in with a chance of winning some fabulous Amazon vouchers.

Making the Easter Bunny

My youngest son adores all things fluffy so we just had to make our Easter bunny as soft and cuddly as we could. Isn't it a total cutie?

We fell so in love with our furry bunny friend that we decided to make him his own little field too which will double up as a great place to put all the eggs collected from the Easter egg hunt, for everyone to share.

Making our Easter bunny was really easy and the children loved that it was 3D and an Easter craft they could actually play with too!

To start, we printed the bunny template on to card, cut it out and stuck it together. The design was really easy to follow and we had our bunny made and hopping about in no time! My children were delighted to find that when you jump the bunny up and down its head bobs about! It's totally adorable!

Once the children had stopped bouncing him about we covered him in glue and used torn cotton wool pads to make his fur.

Then we finished him off with button eyes and a pom pom tail and nose.

To make his field we cut an A4 sheet of green tissue paper into quarters lengthways and snipped into them to make grass.

Then we used sticky tape to attach the paper grass all the way round the underside of a plate. We finished off by putting the plate the right side up and placing another circle of green tissue paper into the middle.

Hey presto, a cute field for your bunny that's perfect for displaying Easter eggs or cakes. I'm really looking forward to using our bunny as a centre piece for Easter lunch... if I can stop the children playing with him long enough. Perhaps I'll just have to make my own!

We can't wait to see your paper rabbits

I wonder how your children will want to decorate their 3D Easter bunny? Maybe painting it their favourite colour? Covering it with stickers? Decorating it with felt tip patterns? I can't wait to see all their different designs on Instagram.

You can find more of Emma's fantastic crafty projects at Kids Craft Room.

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