Choosing the right coloured contacts for your eyes

Wednesday, 19 October 2016 by David Blabey
coloured contact lense

Nothing sets off the perfect costume like an amazing pair of coloured contact lenses. Whether you’re switching to crisp, blue eyes for an Ice queen look or a flashy purple iris for a wizard, the right contacts will always complete the look.

But with so many brands and options out there, how do you know which ones are the right ones for you? We’ve pulled together a quick guide to choosing the right coloured contacts for your costume.

Coloured contacts for light eyes

Those with lighter shades in their iris, such as blue or soft amber, have potentially the most choice when it comes to picking out coloured contact lenses. For a dramatic change, try using a Freshlook colors to swap to a shade totally different from your own. Green or violet shades in particular can really make your eyes pop.

For something a little subtler, try an enhancement contact lens. Rather than swapping the colour of your iris completely, these contact lenses simply highlight and bring out your eyes natural colours. Acuvue Define Natural Sparkle add light effect patterns to your iris, allowing your eyes to draw more attention without ever going over the top.

Coloured contacts for dark eyes

For those with darker eyes, such as brown or green, finding contact lenses that really alter your appearance can be a little trickier. We recommend finding an opaque lens that will cover your pupils almost entirely, allowing just your pupil see through.

Expressions color contacts use a range of shades to change the shade of your iris into a number of natural looking colours. While your experience will still vary depending on your base eye colour, these contacts are often your best chance of switching to a new style.

Get the right prescription

Even if you have 20/20 vision, you still need to visit the optician before trying on any coloured contact lenses. While you can buy plano lenses that won’t correct your vision, the size and fit of your contacts will need to be accurately measured and prescribed by an optician. Contacts that aren’t properly fitted can quickly become very sore and could even damage your eyes, so it’s important you don’t miss this step.

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