Can I order contacts without prescription?

Friday, 15 March 2019 by Vision Direct

Boxes of contact lenses with parameters

Our US customers often ask us 'Can I buy contacts without a prescription?'. The answer is yes! At Vision Direct, we trust you to be proactive about your eye health, so you can buy contact lenses without prescription verification, wherever you live. This means you won't need to hunt for your Rx when ordering contacts online, and we won't need to check it - unless you'd like us to for a bit of extra reassurance.

Boxes of contact lenses with parameters

How to find your prescription

To buy contacts without prescription simply find your most recent box of contact lenses and on the side, you'll see your parameters displayed. If you need help reading your prescription we have a helpful guide on understanding your prescription.

However, we always advise our customers to use a valid prescription when placing orders. This will ensure you get suitable lenses for your unique vision needs. A valid prescription is given by a registered optician, ophthalmologist or eye doctor after an eye test, which is necessary to determine the level of correction your eyes need. Your prescription should be no more than 2 years old when ordering contact lenses.

Can I buy contacts with an expired prescription?

Another question we are frequently asked is 'Can I buy contacts with an expired prescription?'. If your prescription is more than 2 years old, but you don't have any noticeable changes to your vision, then you are still able to safely order replacement lenses from us. However, we do want you to get the most from your lenses and vision - so would always recommend booking for an updated eye test as soon as possible.

If you are unsure whether your prescription has changed but you're short of time- and don't want to visit your eye doctor, you can assess your vision using an online eye test.

Eye test chart

Book an eye test

If you've never had an eye test it is essential to book an appointment with your eye doctor, so they can evaluate your vision needs during an eye test. This is imperative to determine you receive the right correction and lens advice to suit your needs and lifestyle. Ordering lenses without this could mean you are at risk at causing damage to your eyesight and eye health.

Once your initial eye exam is complete your doctor will prescribe lenses which will suit your eyes. Your eye doctor will then provide you with a copy of your prescription, meaning you can then order contacts from us straight away.

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Why you should ditch your eye doctor and buy online

  • No Rx, no problem - at there's no lengthy Rx verification delay
  • Fast shipping - in as little as 5 days. We'll get your contacts to you within a week
  • Low prices - we beat the eye doctor's prices on your favourite brands, including Acuvue and Air Optix
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Customer care - Call - 1 800 870 0741 (US), 020 7768 5000 (UK), email - or use our web chat online. We're ready to help anytime day or night
  • Highly rated - over 50,000 of our customers have rated our service 9.6/10 on Trustpilot, the independent reviews platform. US customers value our amazing delivery speed, ease of ordering and the perk of not needing an Rx to order
  • Experienced eye care professionals - our medical experts approve all our lenses
  • Simple and quick order process - new visitors will love our easy to use website. If you're returning, reordering takes just 3 clicks and we can even send you a text to remind you to reorder so you never run out of lenses

"This was my first time ordering from Vision Direct and being in the US I was unsure. Ordering was easy and I received my correct order hassle-free and promptly. I am very satisfied!"
Review by Rebecca (02/10/2018)

Fast delivery to the US

With rapid shipping in as little as 5 days, we can beat most eye doctor's delivery speeds. Plus shipping is super affordable: for UK to US delivery, you'll pay just £6.98 (currently $8.59 USD*) for orders of £49 and over. For orders below £49, shipping costs are £9.98 (currently $12.28 USD*). Your order will be dispatched by DHL eCommerce. You can track the progress of your order from your Vision Direct account, or by entering your tracking number on the DHL website.

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