7 sunglasses style tips perfect for summer 2017

Friday, 21 April 2017 by Callan Smith-Sheerin

Summer weather is finally here and all over the country we're cracking out the BBQs or heading down to the beach. Make sure you're ready for the sun with our top tips on the best summer sunglasses styles.

Our 7 top summer sunglasses style tips

Aviators continue to fly off the shelves

Thick-rimmed glasses have dominated style for years. The geek-chic look has become incredibly fashionable, with these glasses becoming commonplace among celebrities on the red carpet.

However, aviator designs have become so popular that they now rival their thick-framed cousins for most popular glasses and sunglasses style. The sheer variety of different aviator style sunglasses available means that we are seeing more and more as people find shades to match their tastes.

Thin, metal aviator style sunglasses are as popular as ever but chunky plastic frames are just as well-loved. This is perhaps down to the extensive range of colours and patterns that they’re available in, providing you with such a large choice. Currently, marble-inspired designs are increasingly in trend.

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Thin metal frames work for understated style

If you prefer your accessories to be a little simpler, thin metal frames are perfect. Big and bold looks aren’t to everyone’s tastes and less can so often be more.

You can find many of this season’s trending shapes and sizes with thin metal frames. So, whether you’re into aviators or are more of a round lenses person, you’ll be able to find a subtle pair of sunglasses in an up to date style. aviators

Wood detailing for a modern look with an old-school style

Ray-Ban’s latest update on browline glasses includes the option for wood instead of plastic across the brow. This reflects the latest trend in men’s sunglasses, where different frame designs incorporate wooden detailing.

This wooden detailing is a recent trend and on a classic pair of sunglasses, helps to wed a sense of vintage style with a modern design. The result is a great look that is ideal for the coming summer.

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Round remains cool

Much like aviators, round sunglasses have remained in trend for years. There are so many variations on a simple formula that there’s bound to be a design that suits your face shape and personal style.

Round lenses don’t always mean perfect spheres. Oval and bug eye shapes are also very popular and can be seen on the catwalk and in many of the latest collections. You can also choose to go for rimless frames and pick from a variety of colours of lenses so you get a pair of shades that truly match your style.

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Classic cat eye styles never go out of date

Since rising to prominence in the 40’s and 50’s, cat eye glasses have endured in popularity among women looking for a glamorous style. The same can be said for sunglasses with this type of frame. Their flared corners have a lifting effect on the face and will always catch the eye, causing their lasting popularity.


This has led for them to be continually included in designer’s collections and are an excellent choice if you have an oval shaped face. Even if you have different kind of face shape they can still help you to achieve an awesome throwback style.

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Flat tops offer a modern twist

A flat top has become increasingly common in sunglasses design, featuring in many of the latest collections. Flat top sunglasses can come in many forms, including aviators, wayfarers and browline style glasses, bringing a modern twist to classic styles.

They add a strong straight line to the brow for a striking statement that can either be made using the top of the frame or an extra bridge. Whichever type of sunglasses you choose, with a flat top you will be wearing one of the current styles at the moment.

Choose the frames you love

Ultimately, the most important thing is to wear something that you feel comfortable in. What looks the best is whatever you enjoy wearing the most. Hopefully our tips gave you a little bit of inspiration to play around with when you’re choosing a new pair of sunglasses and let’s hope we have enough good weather for you to make the most of them!

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