6 awkward moments contact lens wearers will know too well

Tuesday, 20 February 2018 by Vision Direct

6 awkward moments contact lens wearers will know too well

We love our contact lenses and on the whole, they make life much easier. However, if you wear them every day there’s bound to be a time where they can make things, well, a little awkward. Sometimes it can seem as if they’ve got their own ideas and although putting them in is easy, it’s pretty easy to get it wrong when your mind is on other things.

Here are 6 awkward moments that most of you will have experienced at least once!

Putting your lenses on inside out

Putting on lenses

It’s the morning, you’ve hit snooze one or two more times than you probably should’ve, so you’re rushing to get on with your day. When the world is a bit blurry, or you’re preoccupied with other things, you might not notice if your lens is turned the wrong way.

You’ll notice that the lens doesn’t feel quite right and quite shortly it’ll pop out, leaving you to start the whole process again. Just what you need when you’re rushing to start your day!

Luckily, we’ve put together a guide on how to make sure you don’t put your contact lenses on inside out with a few handy tricks that should help you to avoid this awkward moment once and for all.

A stray eyelash in the lens

We’ve all been there, you pop your lenses in like it’s second nature. But one of them just doesn’t feel good. You panic; “What’s happening?!” and notice what looks like a crack in the lens. You get those lenses out as quickly as possible, only to realise the lens is fine. It’s just an eyelash that’s attempted to creep in just to ruin your day.

Blow it away (making a wish as you do) and give your lens a quick clean before reapplying it. Now try starting again, this time it should feel much better. If it happens to you on another occasion, just try blinking a few times, it’ll often fall out from behind your lens without any need to clean them.

Ripping your last contact

You’re a monthly lens wearer, you’ve made it through the month and it’s time for a fresh pair of lenses. The right one goes in OK, you’re not thinking about the left as you put it in and… wait. It’s ripped. That’s your last contact and you haven’t ordered your next month’s supply yet. It’s a crisis.

As a whole month of glasses wearing stares you in the face, you curse the lens, and everything you can think of, before falling into despair. But despair not, for all it takes is for you to grab your phone and, with a few taps of your screen, you can reorder your lenses from Vision Direct so that they’re with you the very next day. That’s just one day of glasses wearing and you can get back to normal.

Saline solution situations

There you are, just going about your day, you’ve had breakfast and just got dressed. You go to get your lenses and, as you’re not thinking too much about it, you pull a little too enthusiastically on the film of your contact lens blister pack. Big mistake.

Everything slows down as you the saline solution rises like a tidal wave and pours over the edge of it’s container. You can’t move quick enough and yep, it’s happened again, you’ve got saline solution all over your outfit. Time to start again. Thanks, contact lenses.

When your contacts suddenly try to make a break for it

The worst thing about this is you never know when it’s coming! You could, for example, be at work having a serious business conversation with your boss. You’re in the middle of making a great point and then, you feel it happening, things start to blur, but out of your other eye you can see the uncomfortable expression of their face.

Now, it’s awkward enough when something just falls out of your eye mid-sentence, but it’s even more awkward when you then have to tell the person you’re with to stay perfectly still while you fumble around on the floor searching for your rogue lens. Even when you’ve retrieved it, you have to act natural and finish your conversation squinting out of one eye as you wait for an opportunity to give it a clean.

Luckily this doesn’t happen all the time, but, for the occasion that it does, it makes sense to keep a small bottle of solution in your bag or desk at work.

That moment when you’re just about to drift off and then remember your lenses are still in…

Forgotten to take lenses out

It’s been a long old day, but you’ve made it. You’re looking forward to a well-earned rest. You’ve brushed your teeth, got into bed and got all cosy. Finally, you start drifting off but, all of sudden you jolt awake. Your lenses are still in.

Now, you’ve got to get out of that nice cosy bed and take them out, either throwing them away or cleaning and storing them in solution. It’s cold, you’re tired and when you get back in to bed your body has decided to wake up. Still, at least it’s better than waking up in your lenses with sore, dry eyes.

If this happens to you more often than you’d like, then why not speak to your optician about trying extended wear lenses?

While these things can all cause a little bit of awkwardness, we still couldn’t do without our lenses. However you wear your lenses, whether it’s every day, just for sport or for evenings out, make sure you’re stocked up and get FREE delivery when you spend £49 or more at Vision Direct.

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