Best of 2020

It's safe to say that 2020 has been a year like no other. Between a global pandemic, political unrest and environmental issues, we have all had a lot to cope with this year - but as Billy Ocean sings: when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Our research team reached out to 2000 people and asked them to view 2020 through rose-tinted specs and pull out the best bits.

Our findings were nothing short of euphoric: from Captain Tom’s walk and the return of physical exercise, to a renewed sense of community and appreciation for unsung heroes, as shown in our campaign giving out free contact lenses to frontline workers to make their PPE more comfortable. So, without further ado - here is a video featuring the Top 20 most positive moments of 2020. Scroll down for the full list.

The Top 50 Things Brits have enjoyed about 2020

  1. Captain Tom Moore's charity walk
  2. Less pollution
  3. A new appreciation for key workers
  4. Marcus Rashford's work feeding children
  5. Saving money
  6. Enjoying our homes and gardens more
  7. A new appreciation for supermarket or hospitality staff
  8. Seeing the country come together to support the NHS with rainbows in their windows and clapping
  9. Enjoying a slower pace of life
  10. An increase in people washing their hands
  11. More time spent with family
  12. A surprisingly long, hot summer
  13. Reading more
  14. An improved sense of community
  15. People now being forced to give you space - which you would want anyway
  16. Spending more time outdoors than normal
  17. People being nicer to each other and smiling more
  18. Getting home improvements/DIY done
  19. Experiencing the countryside which is right on your doorstep
  20. No commute meaning longer lie-ins
  21. Spending more time with pets
  22. The Himalayas being visible for the first time in 30 years in North India due to reduced air pollution
  23. Saving money on new clothes
  24. More opportunity to exercise
  25. Black Lives Matter
  1. Not having to sit next to people on public transport
  2. Having more time to spend on existing hobbies
  3. Not having to go to big social events and parties with people you hardly know
  4. Getting more into cooking
  5. Saving money that otherwise would have gone in the pub
  6. Discovering great new TV series on Netflix
  7. Getting to know our own neighbourhoods better on walks
  8. Having more family meals
  9. Spending more time with children in general
  10. Not having to plan expensive holidays abroad
  11. The new David Attenborough documentary
  12. Picking up new hobbies
  13. Getting evenings back
  14. Catching up with people virtually
  15. Liverpool ending their 30-year wait to win the Premier League
  16. Joe Wicks' PE lessons
  17. Zoom quizzes
  18. The arrival of Pakistan, West Indies and Australian cricket teams for international cricket
  19. The TV show 'Normal People'
  20. Having time to get inventive with ways to spend evenings
  21. Not having to go to client meetings
  22. Musicians live streaming on Instagram
  23. The new Borat movie
  24. Leeds being promoted to the Premier League after 16 years away
  25. Being able to take kids on the school run