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American Freshman Marissa glasses are a cool classic. With their rectangle shape, curved edges and tapered side arms, Marissa prescription glasses look and feel great to wear. Available in black and tortoiseshell.
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    American Freshman Marissa glasses are a cool classic. With their rectangle shape, curved edges and tapered side arms, Marissa prescription glasses look and feel great to wear. Available in black and tortoiseshell.

  • Bridge Width: 15mm
    Frame Width: 52mm
    Arm Size:140mm
    Arm Size:119mm
    Frame Width: 119mm
    Temple Arm Length
    Bridge Width
    Lens Width

    Frame sizing guide

    To ensure a comfortable fit, select a frame that is of a similar width and size to your existing pair of glasses. The measurements can be found on the inside arm of most frames.

  • Delivery, returns & refunds

    How do I return my glasses?

    Our 100 day returns policy allows you to return your undamaged glasses to us free of charge. Simply place the glasses and delivery receipt back in the protective postage sleeve they arrived in, or any other suitable packaging, to the following freepost address


    Vision Direct Ltd
    Unit 2 Hudson Court
    Great North Way, York Business Park
    Nether Poppleton, YORK YO26 6RB

    Can I get a refund on my glasses?

    We can refund any undamaged glasses returned to us either to the card you used to purchase them or as credit against any other purchase on Full refunds can take up to 5 working days to process depending on the bank or account used.

    How long does it take to deliver glasses?

    Once your prescription has been checked by our optician, your glasses could arrive at your door in 3 days’ time. However, it’s worth remembering we can only process your order once we have your prescription and our optician may have further questions for you.


    How do I upload my prescription?

    As part of the process of ordering your new glasses, we’ll prompt you to upload your prescription. To do this, you’ll need a photo or a scan of your prescription somewhere on your computer or phone. Simply select the photo in the pop up box provided and press upload to send it right to us.

    If you don’t have a photo to hand right away, you can log into your account at any time and send it to us after you have placed your order. Remember though, we won’t be able to start assembling your glasses until we have your prescription.

    Can I alter my prescription details?

    Your prescription details will all be available under the “My glasses prescription” section of your “My account” page. If your prescription has changed at all you can upload your new prescription from this page or request that we contact your optician for an updated prescription.

    What we do with your prescription

    Once we have your prescription, our qualified Dispensing Optician will check it and pass on all the information we need to make sure your glasses compliment your eyes perfectly.

    Our optician may get in touch with you if any more details are needed at all or if you have a particularly strong prescription.

    Can I use my contact lens prescription?

    No. Your contact lens prescription is separate to your glasses one and contains different information that relates exclusively to the size and shape of your lenses. You will need to upload a glasses prescription to order your new spectacles from Vision Direct.

    Can you contact my optician?

    If you don’t have your prescription to hand, then we can contact your optician on your behalf and retrieve it from them.

    However, this can take a while and most opticians will require consent from you to give out these details. Even if consent has been given, some would prefer to talk to you directly rather than talk to us as a third party.

    How do I read my prescription?

    If you would like to understand more about your glasses prescription, we have put together a quick and easy guide that explains what each number and code means.

    Read our simple guide to your prescription now.

    Do I need to provide my pupillary distance?

    For lower prescriptions a pupillary distance measurement may not be required as the standard PD we use will suffice. However, the higher your prescription is the more necessary the pupillary distance becomes.

    Pupillary distance is a measurement of exactly how far apart your pupils are. In stronger prescriptions this is important to ensure the centres of the lenses line up with the centres of your eyes.

    For more information, check out our easy-to-follow guide to measuring your PD

    Choosing your glasses:

    Does the size of the frame matter?

    Picking out the right frame size can mean the difference between comfortable glasses and a pair that sit loosely on your face.

    If you have a pair of glasses you already find comfortable, you will find the measurements for them on the inside of the arms. This can be written as either…

    • 52/16 135
    • 52[]16 135
    • 52 -16- 135

    In this case 52 would be the width of the lens, 18 would be the width across the bridge of your nose and 135 would be the length of the arms of your glasses.

    You can find out more about glasses measurements by clicking on the “Frame sizes” tab on the frames you are interested in.

    Which glasses suit my face shape?

    You face shape can determine a lot about the style of glasses which will really suit you. While the following are not hard and fast rules, they can be a good starting point to choosing the right frames for you.

    • Round faces: The general rule of thumb with glasses shapes is to pick out the exact opposite to your face. Square or rectangular frames will give round faces much more definition without over-accentuating your softer features.
    • Square faces: For square faces, round frames can add subtle curves and soften the edges of your face to create a well-balanced look. Aviator style glasses can also be used to create the same look with an oversized frame.
    • Heart-shaped faces: The best frames for heart-shaped faces are often light and thin frames that add a subtle balance to your style. Rimless style frames can be perfect for this but, small square or rounded glasses can work just as well.
    • Oval face: Oval faces are lucky in that they can wear almost any style or shape of frame. It’s worth keeping an eye out for frames that are slightly wider, as this will add definition to your features without over tipping an already balanced face.

    Which Lens package is right for me?

    Vision Direct currently provides three different lens packages, all based around the index of the lens provided. High index lenses (like those provided in our gold and platinum packages), are lighter and thinner, allowing for a more comfortable and attractive pair of glasses.

    All our lenses are scratch resistant and include UV protection and a multi anti reflective coating as standard.

    • Silver (1.5 index): Our standard Silver lens package is free and works perfectly for prescriptions between -2.50Sph and +2.50Sph or -1.50cyl and +1.50cyl.
    • Gold (1.6 index): Gold lenses are £19.99 and are designed to work with prescriptions between -5.00Sph and +4.00Sph or -2.25cyl and +2.25cyl.
    • Platinum (1.67 index): Our thinnest and lightest Platinum lenses are available for £39.99. These comfortable lenses work for prescriptions between -10.00Sph and +6.00Sph or -3.00cyl and +3.00cyl.

    What is anti-reflective coating?

    Anti-reflective coating (sometimes known as AR coating or anti-glare coating) makes your glasses look clearer and can even help you avoid eye strain caused by glare.

    The coating allows up to 99.5% of light to pass right through the lens. This stops any reflections appearing on your glasses, making the lenses appear almost invisible to anyone looking at you. Because there are no reflections, the amount of glare caused by bright sunlight or car headlights is dramatically reduced.

    All Vision Direct lenses come with an anti-reflective coating applied as standard.

    What is scratch-resistant coating?

    While no lenses are completely scratch proof, a scratch-resistant coating will provide some protection from the light scuffs and scrapes that can happen when you wear glasses regularly.

    All Vision Direct lenses come with a scratch-resistant coating as standard, however it’s still advisable to store your glasses away in a soft carry case or bag while they’re not in use.

    UV filter

    The sun’s UV rays can be just as harmful to your eyes as they are to your skin, so it’s important to make sure your eyes are protected as often as possible. That’s why Vision Direct lenses come with a UV filter as standard.

    A UV filter can boost the UV protection of your glasses by up to 100%, keeping your eyes safe from the sun’s rays.

    Check out our full FAQ section

    FAQ section
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