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Johnson & Johnson - 1 Day Acuvue

720 lenses - £305.00 equals £12.71 for 30 contact lens(es) 1 Enter Prescription
Select Eye Base Curve Diameter Power
2 Select Quantity / Price
One Box (one power only) :
30 lenses, £19.99 (1 Box)
Left/Right Eyes
30 pairs (60 lenses), £38.00 - 1 Month
60 pairs (120 lenses), £69.00 - 2 Months
90 pairs (180 lenses), £99.00 - 3 Months
180 pairs (360 lenses), £179.00 - 6 Months
360 pairs (720 lenses), £305.00 - 12 Months
Sometimes called 'sphere' or 'strength'. Measured in diopters and always preceded by - (minus) or + (plus). Negative (-) powers help to correct short sighted conditions. Positive (+) powers help to correct long sighted conditions.
The diameter of the lens. Most brands come in a couple of sizes. Usually a 14.x number but could be between 13.x to 15.x.
Base Curve
Base curve, determining how the lens fits. It is usually an 8.x or 9.x number. Some brands use non-numeric base curves such as flat, media or steep.
Extra power needed for astigmatism. Always a - (minus) number.
The placement of the extra power in a toric lens for astigmatism. The axis can be anywhere between 0 and 180 degrees.
Select Eye
By unticking left or right eye you can order for one eye or one box.
The daily disposable 1 Day If you To find out more about what others think of Lens type: Daily disposable Material: 42% Etafilcon A Water content: 58% Oxygen permeability: 25.5 x 10 Dk/t Lens diameter (DIA): 14.2 mm Base curve (BC/Radius):... read more
Material 42% Etafilcon A Water Content 58%
Manufacturer Johnson & Johnson Frequency Daily Replacement
Brand Name 1 Day Acuvue
Frequency Daily Replacement
Availability 95% of standard prescriptions in stock
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Marisa McGreevy

Very good
yvette knight

Great product, comfortable and easy to use.
Jill Burgess

(Reviewer left no comment)
Zainab Charchafchi

I am very unhappy that 1 day acuvues have been discontinued. I have been wearing them for over 10 years now and i don't know what to replace them with. I have tried everthing and even J&J do not have anything as good as the 1 days
Ekaterina Zoloeva

We recommend replacements for 1 Day Acuvue here. VisionDirect

Great lenses from what I have been told just a shame I never revived mine!!!!
Glyn martin

Very satisfied with the product and the Vision Direct Service
Susan Russam

always a good and helpful service.
Mary Anderson

I have ordered contact lenses off of many internet companies, but I always come back to Vision Direct. Their prices are fair and constant, delivery is good and it is easy to get in contact if you have any queries. The offers they provide are good and they treat all customers well.
Rachael Taylor

The last batch I had nearly every time I wore them one of the contacts was mis-shaped and slipped down on my eye all the time. Prior to this batch they had been pretty good so I'm hoping this is just a blip.
Nathalie Paterson

No comment left by reviewer
Hayley Trussell

Customer left no comment
Sara Farina

I have used Vision Direct 3 times now, they are one of the cheapest at the moment for Acuvue Contact Lenses. They are easy to contact if there are any problems and very friendly. I receive my contact lenses in the time scale given as well, and its nice to be able to see how much stock they have available before you order.
Rachael Taylor

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