How to find glasses that fit


It’s easy to find out your glasses frame sizes and getting these measurements will make ordering glasses online even easier!

Use the measurements from your most comfortably fitting glasses

The quickest and simplest way to know your frame size for sure is to take a pair of glasses or sunglasses you already own that fit you well. On the inside of the arm, there should be a number, for example: 52□18-145. There may be other numbers but ignore those for now, what you want is two 2-digit numbers and one 3-digit number.

  • The first of the 2 digit numbers is the lens width.
  • The second number is the bridge (or nose) width.
  • The 3-digit number is the temple length, this is the length of the glasses’ arms.

Can’t see any numbers? Follow our steps to measuring your glasses.

Most glasses come with their measurements on the inside of the arm. However, if you can’t see any, simply follow these steps:

  • To measure the lens width, place a ruler or tape measure over the lens of the glasses and measure the distance between the two widest points.
  • To measure bridge width use your ruler or tape to measure the distance across the middle of the frame from the edge of one lens to another.
  • To measure temple length simply measure straight from where the arm joins the rest of the frame until the other of the arm.
  • Don’t worry if you’re a little unsure about the specific measurement, a few millimetres won’t make much difference to the overall comfort. Most glasses have spring hinges so if the glasses are a little on the small side, they should still fit comfortably.

    How to buy glasses that fit well from Vision Direct

    On all of our individual glasses pages is a tab titled ‘Frame Size’. On this tab you will see the exact measurements of the particular pair of glasses that you are looking at. Visit our glasses page now and find the perfect frames for you!

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