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How to buy women's glasses online


When you're buying women's glasses online, it's important to choose frames that are comfortable as well as stylish. Shopping for frames that suit your face shape is the best way to ensure your glasses will fit well, so you can save money and time by buying online and get the perfect glasses.

It's easy and convenient to purchase your glasses frames online. Here are our top tips to help you enjoy a great experience:

Shop by face shape

While you might be tempted to shop by brand or style, the best way to ensure that your frames fit well and suit you is to shop by face shape. Once you've identified whether you have a heart, square, oval or round face shape, you can select a frame that best compliments your features. Certain frames will suit certain face shapes better; for instance, if you have a heart shaped face, rimless or cat eye frames will flatter you best. Using an online face shape guide is a helpful way to determine your face shape. You can use our #MyFaceShapeIs tool to see which sunglasses shapes and colours suit your face shape, hair colour and skin tone, then use this information to help you select your prescription glasses.

Check the fit of your frames

If you decide to go with a frame that is a different shape to your existing frame, it's important to check the measurements to ensure you're going to enjoy a similar fit. The measurements of your current frames can usually be found on the inside arm, and the measurements of the frames you are looking to buy should be available on the website you're purchasing from. Things like length of side arm and width of frame are very important for your comfort.

Types of glasses frames for women

There are lots of different shapes and styles of women's glasses to choose from. Depending on your style and face shape, you may prefer a flirty butterfly or cat eye frame, a sophisticated and understated semi rimless frame or perhaps a classic vintage Wayfarer or Aviator style. Our handy glasses frames guide has lots more information on what types of glasses frames are available online, but here's a quick look at the most popular glasses styles for women:

Classic, vintage & retro women's styles


Women's vintage and retro glasses come in lots of classic shapes and sizes. From cool cat eye glasses that embody that Audrey Hepburn style to oversized square frames right out of the 50's, selecting a vintage frame that suits your face shape and fits comfortably is a great idea if you're into retro fashion.

Aviator style glasses with slim metal arms and an attention-grabbing double bridge are popular every season, and the ever-popular Wayfarer with its confident profile is a bold way to express your vintage style.

Cute, colourful frames

women's colourful glasses

Add a pop of colour to every outfit with a pair of stand out frames. Whether you opt for a subtle shade or a bold burst of colour, selecting a stylish pair of colourful women's glasses is a great way to make an impact.

When you select a colourful, textured or patterned pair of women's glasses, it's especially important to ensure that the style suits your face shape and flatters your features as you're focusing attention on your frames. Try selecting a frame that draws attention to your eyes rather than to the sides of your face and a colour that will work with many different outfits so that you can get the maximum use out of your glasses.

Minimal, understated, sophisticated

women's rimless glasses

Rimless and semi-rimless women's glasses are a super stylish way to do elegant. With a low profile frame that doesn't draw the attention away from your facial features, a semi-rimless or rimless frame is a great choice that works well for most face shapes.

Semi-rimless glasses are more durable, adding strength to the frame while still giving a low profile look. They also come in a variety of fun and vibrant styles that add interest without being bulky.

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