Wayfarer Glasses | Wayfarer Style Glasses

Wayfarer glasses offer a classic look with a distinctly urban edge. Their unique and fashionable style makes them a great choice for anyone looking to keep a cool sharp look.

What are wayfarer glasses?

The Wayfarer style was first introduced by Ray-Ban back in the 1950's, and has seen repeated revivals, gradually becoming an iconic fashion statement in its own right. Their distinct trapezoid shape and thick arms have been copied and repeated for over 50 years, allowing different brands to put their own spin on the classic design.

Will wayfarer glasses suit me? Wayfarer glasses

Wayfarer style glasses have been a popular accessory for a long time and, while it has been commented that the style is more masculine in nature, they have equally been popular amongst women. The Olsen twins for instance, were seen wearing wayfarers regularly during one of revivals of the style. The style is a classic one, but as it is more angular in nature and best suits those with a rounder face. To find out more about what suits your face shape, why not try out our handy tool: #MyFaceShapeIs.

Buying wayfarer glasses online

If you're going to buy your new pair of glasses online, here's some helpful information and things to consider:

  • Price: You can save up to 20-30% more simply by purchasing your glasses online rather than on the high street. Websites selling branded frames can also often price match, ensuring you get the best possible deal.
  • Convenience: Purchasing your glasses online can save you a lot of time. You can simply select wayfarer style glasses from the list of available options and select the pair you prefer. Just make sure you keep your prescription handy before ordering your new glasses.
  • Choice: There are thousands of different glasses styles and shapes to consider when purchasing your new frames, and buying online often gives you access to all of them. High street stores on the other hand can only usually carry one or two variants within a selected range.
  • Fit: Much like any other great fashion accessory, the right pair of glasses needs to fit your perfectly. Most importantly though you need to make sure your prescription is up to date and accurate. We recommend visiting the optician at least once every two years to make sure your lenses are perfect for your eyes.