Should I buy round glasses?


Round glasses are ultra fashionable, quirky and add a fun touch of retro glam to any outfit. A distinctive frame that draws the attention, round glasses are best suited to those with square faces.

What are round glasses?

Often described as the more glamorous sibling to geeky glasses, round glasses are circular frames that feature slim arms, bold colourways and narrow bridges. These attention-grabbing frames are great for those who want to make an impact and a bold statement with their eyewear.


Celebs who wear round glasses

Round glasses frames have become very popular with Hollywood A Listers, bloggers and fashionistas alike recently.

Kristen Stewart, Robert Downey Jr and Lady GaGa have all been spotted sporting round glasses and sunglasses, adding an extra touch of vintage glam to their red carpet looks.

Kristen's slender, oval face is the perfect shape to pull off this vintage look. Her bold round glasses draw attention to her bright blue eyes, flatter her delicate features and soften her strong chin.


Other types of rounded glasses

The rounded square

Other types of round frame include the rounded square, which balances the round silhouette with a square edge and best suits oval face shapes with high cheekbones.

Rounded square glasses are often oversize frames, and best suit those with delicate features and strong jawlines. Those with oval and heart shaped faces will find that rounded square frames are flattering and stylish.


Vintage and retro round shaped glasses

Retro round glasses are the perfect way to finish off a vintage glam look. The bold frames can work with most vintage styles, especially if you choose a black or tortoiseshell frame which complements any outfit.

Retro round glasses are very popular with vintage fashion bloggers and instagrammers, including Fashion Tag, Madamehols and Denise Cotte.

If you really want to turn heads, try a steampunk style vintage round, with extra detailing and metal work that adds that unique, vintage, edgy twist.

How to buy round glasses online

If you're going to buy round glasses online, here are a few tips on getting the right look for you and a great, comfortable fit:

Go with a style that suits your face shape

Small round glasses are less forgiving than oversized round frames. If you have a slender oval face shape with delicate features, a small round frame will suit you perfectly. If you have a rounder face or squarer jaw and want to pull off an ultra glam look, try an oversized round frame with attention-grabbing details on the frame edges, like a patterned or textured side arm. This will help to balance out your features and add to the drama of the look you're creating.

Make sure you order the right glasses for your prescription

When buying glasses online it's super important to double check that you're ordering lenses which perfectly correct your vision. The details of your prescription are available from your optician, make sure to note all the required fields and double check they've been entered correctly when purchasing your new pair of frames. If the website you are buying from offers a prescription checking service, it's always a good idea to take advantage of this.

Shop around for the best price

If the website you are ordering your glasses from offers a price match guarantee this is the best way to ensure you're getting a great deal. Otherwise, shop around and make sure you're making the best saving on your glasses, it's possible to save up to 30% off RRP or benefit from special online deals that make purchasing a new pair very affordable.

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