Rimless and semi-rimless prescription glasses


Rimless and semi-rimless glasses are versatile and flattering for most face shapes. Lightweight and comfortable, rimless glasses are easy to wear. You can buy them online and save up to 30% on RRP.

What are rimless glasses?

Rimless glasses are special frames that have side arms, a bridge and ear pads but leave the lenses without an outer rim. Often considered a softer, more sophisticated look than standard rimmed frames, rimless glasses blend beautifully with any look and best suit heart shaped faces. Vision Direct has a fantastic wide range of both men's rimless glasses and women's rimless glasses for you to choose from.


What are semi-rimless glasses?

Still offering a subtle look, semi-rimless glasses are more durable. The frame shields the top half of the lenses and prevents them from being damaged, while leaving the bottom half free for a soft feel.

Semi-rimless prescription glasses are available in a wide variety of styles, shapes and colours, from semi-rimless cat eye glasses with extended temples to oversized square semi-rimless frames in bold colourways.

This style of frame best suits round faces, drawing focus away from the curves of your face to your brow and eyes.


Celebs who wear rimless glasses

Rimless and semi-rimless glasses are always popular with A-listers, fashionistas and bloggers alike due to their stylish, sophisticated look. Nicole Kidman is partial to a slender rimless frame with gold side arms, while Jonny Depp wears his tinted rimless frames a lot.

Ariana Grande has opted for a slender semi-rimless frame with contrast side arms and extended temple detailing, giving a subtle cat eye shape that's very flattering for her oval face.

How to buy rimless glasses online

Buying rimless glasses online is easy when you know your prescription and the sort of shape and size of frame that best suits your face. If you're unsure what face shape you have, then you should try our #MyFaceShapeIs tool. This shows you how to find out your face shape, and picks out glasses to suit your skin tone and hair colour too. Double check your prescription details when you enter them to ensure that they are correct, and make sure that you select a frame that is the correct width and length for your face shape. You can check the measurements of your existing frame on the inside side arm and select a frame that is an equivalent shape and size. We have more information on how to measure your glasses and find the frames that fit here.

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