Choosing the right glasses frames for you


Choosing the right glasses frames for your face shape can help ensure that your glasses are flattering and comfortable to wear. There are lots of different frame styles to choose from in heaps of different colour and style variations, the trick is figuring out what’s going to suit you best.

What kinds of glasses frames are there?

With hundreds of different frames available to buy online and heaps to choose from at the opticians it can be difficult to know which ones you should purchase. Here are some of the main different types of frames:

  • Wayfarers One of the most iconic glasses shapes of all time, Wayfarers have a bold, dangerous design that suits every kind of face shape, particularly oval faces. The rounded square is unmistakeable.
  • Aviators: Originally made in the 1940s by U.S. Aviators, this classic shape combines a double bridge with slender arms and a striking rounded triangular lens. Aviators suit square and oval faces best.
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  • Oversized: Big frames are a striking way to stand out from the crowd. Featuring large, thick frames and larger lenses, oversized glasses suit square and oval faces best.
  • Square: If you have a round or oval face then square frames will help to soften your curves. This classic glasses shape is very popular for its practicality and style.
  • Oval: If you have a square face then oval frames are a great choice. These frames will help to give a rounder, softer look to your features.
  • Round: Round frames are very flattering for Square faces, adding a softer edge to your features.
  • Rectangular: If you have a square face or a round face then the slim, long shape of a rectangular frame will be flattering for your features.
  • Butterfly: These large frames are equally balanced on the top and bottom, narrowing to a slim bridge. They best suit those with a strong chin and square or heart face.
  • Cateye: A large rounded frame with flared temples, cateye glasses are reminiscent of 1950s and 1960s glamour. Cateye glasses are ideal for fans of retro fashion and best suit those with an oval face.
  • Rimless frames: These lightweight frames are sophisticated and easy to wear. They particularly suit heart shaped faces.
  • Semi rimless frames: Stylish, lightweight and more durable than rimless frames, semi rimless frames are flattering for round faces as they draw the eye up towards the browline and away from your chin.

Quick tips from our optician for choosing a glasses frame

Choosing a glasses frame that balances your face:

The right frame will balance the shape of your face. If you have an oval face, a squarer frame will suit, while if you have a round face, an elongating frame will compliment your look. If you’re lucky enough to have high cheekbones then you can be more flexible with the shape of glasses that you wear.

Using a face shape guide

Face shape guides help you select the right pair of glasses based on your unique look and style. Determining your face shape (round, square, oval or heart) will help you to ensure that your glasses fit correctly and flatter you. Using an online face shape guide is a helpful way to determine your face shape. You can use our #MyFaceShapeIs tool to see which sunglasses shapes and colours suit your face shape, hair colour and skin tone, then use this information to help you select your prescription glasses.

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