Geek glasses


Geeky glasses are stylish, fun to wear and flattering for round or oval faces. Buying geek glasses online is easy when you have your prescription handy and know what sort of frame will suit your style.

What are geeky glasses?

Geeky (or geek) glasses are oversized frames that draw the attention, usually with an angular square or rectangular shape. Geek glasses come in lots of different colours and variations, but the main defining feature is that they have oversized, thick frames.

Celebs with geek glasses


Several high profile celebs have been seen sporting geek glasses lately, including the ever beautiful Victoria Beckham and Hollywood A Lister Anne Hathaway.

Anne's oversized square frames are flattering for her round face shape, while the warm tortoiseshell frame helps accentuate her brown eyes and honey highlights.

Ultra glam girls Kim Kardashian and Alexa Chung have had geeky glasses as a wardrobe staple for years, while when it comes to the guys Jonny Depp, Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Pine are gorgeous in their geeky glasses.

Image from Buzzfeed

Styles of geek glasses


A thick black frame and strong square shape make the Wayfarer a classic geeky frame. You can accentuate the look even more by choosing an oversized Wayfarer frame with detailing or coloured accents, or go for a slimmed down version that gives a more subtle effect.

Square frames

Buddy Holly style square frames have been in fashion since the 1950s, and add a little rock n roll glam to your geek chic. Most brands offer a variety of square mens and women's frames to choose from; square glasses best suit those with oval or round faces as they help to soften your curves.

Oversized frames

Whether you go for a shiny metal finish and a round frame, or a brightly coloured square pair, being oversized is pretty much what defines geeky glasses. Go for a round oversized frame if you have a square face, or a square oversized frame if you have a round face.

Buying geek glasses online

If you're going buy your new pair of glasses online, here's what you'll need to consider:

  • Price: Buying your geeky specs online can save you as much as 20 - 30% vs. the high street. If you're looking for a great bargain then we recommend shopping around to get the best price, or ordering from a website with a price match guarantee.
  • Convenience: There’s no need to wait in line at the opticians to buy your glasses. When you purchase online you can simply select a style you like, check the fit, enter your prescription details and order. (Make sure your prescription is up-to-date and your current glasses offer perfect vision correction before ordering a new pair. We recommend that you take an eye test once every two years, to ensure that your prescription remains accurate).
  • Choice: When it comes to choosing your glasses frames, there are hundreds of styles, shapes and sizes to consider. Buying online gives you access to more options; as often opticians can only carry one or two variants within a range and may not have a style you like.
  • Fit: Just like a great pair of jeans, the right pair of glasses will fit you perfectly. Have a look at your current frames and note the measurements of the side arm and frame width (these should be printed on the inside arm on most frames). Selecting a pair that has similar measurements will help you to enjoy wearing your glasses comfortably. Even if you select a frame with a different shape to your existing ones, you should still choose a frame with a similar arm length and width for comfort's sake.

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