How to buy cheap glasses online

Buying cheap glasses from Vision Direct is quick, simple and gives you the opportunity to save on stylish, high quality frames. All you need to do is pick out a frame that you love, include your prescription details and your new pair of glasses can be on their way to you in a matter of days.

  • Find stylish frames to suit your face shape
  • Have your prescription handy when you order your glasses
  • Add treatments for better quality lenses
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Our bestselling cheap glasses


Bette is a slender, sophisticated frame with attention-grabbing detail. These elegant women's glasses have a rectangular metal frame accented by twist detailing and contrast ear tips.



Harriet women's oval metal glasses combine a classic design with comfort detailing. The slim, light frame features contrast plastic ear tips and soft nose pads. Available in pink and gold.



Ashley is a sleek unisex frame with a classic rectangle shape, slender side arms and comfort nose pads. Available in warm tortoiseshell, Ashley glasses are great for everyday wear.


Why is it easier to find cheap glasses online?

As many high quality glasses frames are ordered in bulk, websites selling them are often given large discounts which they can then pass on to their customers. They still use the same premium materials as other, more expensive glasses on the market and often also include comfortable and clear, high standard lenses. While these may be cheap glasses, the quality of build certainly isn’t of a cheap standard, meaning that these glasses are actually excellent value for money.


Even though a number high street stores have been slashing their prices to be more competitive, it’s still often much cheaper to buy your glasses online. When buying on the high street, you’re paying for the running costs of that shop, which means that the glasses can rarely be as cheap as a website with no store fronts to maintain or pay for. Without these overheads, online retailers can offer you lower prices, so you pay the best possible price for frames that could normally be more expensive.

Some customers worry that they have no one to ask advice from when they buy online. Vision Direct overcomes this concern by offering first-class customer service. You can order over the phone and also use an online chat to ask any questions you might have about ordering cheap glasses online.

Keep your prescription handy when buying online

Remember, you’ll need your prescription when it comes to ordering cheap glasses online. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pay for a new one though, as prescriptions can last up to two years before your eyes need to be tested again.

Despite this, we recommend picking up a fresh prescription from your optician if you are getting close to that two year mark. This will ensure you're purchasing just the right pair of glasses that will meet your requirements for longer, as your eyesight can change over considerably in two years.

Vision Direct gives you a choice when it comes to sharing your prescription. You can simply upload a photo from your computer, or get a member of the team to call up your optician and check with them. If you do choose to upload your prescription with your order, your cheap glasses could be with you in just 2-3 days.

Adding lens treatments for better quality glasses

Even the cheapest prescription glasses can be given lenses that not only look great but keep things comfortable for your eyes too. The most common lens treatments include:

Anti-reflective coating: An AR coating will not only improve your vision, they’ll also improve your glasses aesthetically. In fact, because modern AR coatings allow up to 99.5% of available light to pass right through, eyeglass lenses using them are now nearly invisible. This makes seeing your eyes and your expression much easier for others.

Because light won’t bounce off the lenses, your vision can be made much sharper. This has the added benefit of reducing eye strain and can even mean greater comfort when you’re driving or using the computer for long periods of time.

Anti-scratch coating: While no glasses can be made completely scratch proof, your lenses will stand a much better chance if they are covered in a scratch-resistant coating. This will harden the lenses, making them more difficult to damage if they come into contact with your keys or get accidentally dropped.

Today most lenses come with some kind of scratch resistance. Despite this, it’s still best to keep your glasses safely in a cushioned pocket or case when not in use to keep them in as good condition as possible.

Cheap glasses available in popular styles

Whatever your look or budget, you can find a perfect pair of glasses online. Often when you find a style you like at a high price you can find a cheaper alternative that looks the same. One of the best things about shopping online is that it is quicker and easier to browse and find a similar, cheaper alternative than buying on the high street.

You can find any type of glasses at a range of prices online. Cheap glasses are available in a huge range of shapes and styles, including some of the most popular choices:

Rimless: A stylish alternative to traditional frames, these glasses can be almost invisible as you are wearing them. This makes them perfect for a simple, sophisticated look that doesn’t dominate your face and stops heart shaped faces from appearing top heavy.

Rectangular glasses: This classic style is still very much in fashion. Rectangular or square frames can be perfect for those with rounder faces as they can help to add angularity and definition using straight edges.

Round glasses: Perfect for a square shaped faces, glasses with rounder edges are great for softening your features and lengthening out your face. Totally round glasses are also give you a bold look that can really make you stand out from the crowd.

Cat eye glasses: A big and bold look that’s perfect for oval faces. These winged designs add a bit of retro glamour to your look while complementing your natural features.

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