Buying Aviator prescription glasses online


Aviator prescription glasses are stylish, iconic and a bold fashion statement. Popular with fans of retro fashion, Aviator glasses are easy to buy online and their square, oversized shape best suits oval shaped faces.

What are Aviator glasses?

Originally designed in the 1930's by Bausch & Lomb, Aviators were specially designed to be suitable for pilots and soon became a fashion must have. Aviator glasses are characterised by oversized lenses and very thin metal frames, with a curved square shape and a double brow bar. Over the years many popular eyewear brands have added Aviator style prescription glasses to their range, making the Aviator a go to style for retro fashion fans. Variations on the frame are widely available, including plastic rather than metal frames, contrasting ear tips and detailing at the temples, on the side arms or brow bar.


Celebrities wearing Aviator prescription glasses

Ever popular with celebrities, bloggers and fashionistas alike since they first came onto the scene, Aviator glasses are here to stay.

Jennifer Aniston is partial to an Aviator-style frame, and the rounded square shape suits her oval face perfectly. The warm honey tortoiseshell colouring of her chosen frame is a perfect compliment to her blonde highlights and laid back style.

Other celebs spotted in Aviator style frames include Jonny Depp, who is partial to a bold oversized Aviator with tinted lenses, Victoria Beckham who opts for an oversized frame with super slim metal side arms and fashionista Kim Kardashian.


Should I buy Aviator style glasses?

Because of their bold, wide frame and oversized rounded square shape, Aviators don't suit every face shape. They look best on oval faces with slender chins, drawing attention to the brow and eyes. Square faces with strong jaws can also pull off an Aviator shape if you opt for a more slender, elegant frame.

Balancing out your jaw line and cheekbones is the main benefit of a bold frame like an Aviator. If you have a longer face with high cheekbones, opt for an oversized frame that has detailing at the temples or a contrast colour side arm, to draw attention back to your brow line and eyes.

How to buy Aviator style glasses online

Buying Aviator glasses online can save you time and money, with some websites offering up to 30% off RRP! There are just a few things you need to bear in mind when ordering prescription glasses on the internet:

Make sure your prescription is correct. Entering the right prescription is essential to ensure that you enjoy perfect vision when wearing your new glasses. You can get the details of your prescription from your optician and if you haven't been to an eye test in the last two years it's a good idea to go before ordering your Aviator glasses just incase anything has changed. Double check all the details you're entering just to make sure.

Pick a style that fits & suits your face shape. Aviator style frames are best suited to oval faces, but if you opt for a frame that balances out your cheekbones and chin then this style could also compliment square faces with strong jawlines. The key to ensuring a fit is selecting a frame that has the correct length side arm and width bridge. The measurements of your existing glasses frame can usually be found on the inside of the side arm; it's a good idea to select a frame that is of a similar fit even if it's a very different style.

Order from a website with a good returns policy. Glasses that look great online might not necessarily fit you perfectly when you receive them, even if you try them on using a virtual tool. While in most cases you are likely to be satisfied with the fit and feel of your glasses, it's a good idea to check the returns policy just in case you need to send them back or exchange them for a different pair.

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