Gator Caiman - Prescription Swimming Goggles

2 units - £53.10 equals £26.55 per unit
Power Quantity

1. £27.55
2. £53.10
Gator Caiman Prescription Swimming Goggles are made of stable polycarbonate which protects against UV-light and they have a durable anti-fog-coating.
Powers between +8.00 and -8.00.
Guarantee: your money back if returned within 30 days.
Material Water Content 0%
Manufacturer Gator Caiman Frequency
Brand Name Prescription Swimming Goggles
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Nigel Canin

I've bought three pairs of these goggles over the last ten years and they have been extremely comfortable, durable and have kept the salt water out of my eyes. I'm thinking of buying another pair, just so I won't be without if I lose them. These goggles do a great job of sealing (although that depends on the shape of your face), and they are easily adjusted. You can wash the silicon gaskets on these goggles just by sitting them in a weak water/bleach solution overnight, which will remove all seaweed, organisms muck and such, even when it seems caked and dried on. If you've always gone to the beach and felt embarrassed when you couldn't see your blanket and your friends, this is a great and economical solution! Excellent for long-distance (e.g. 4km) ocean swimming!
Francis Holland

i have used these consistantly for open water triathlon and pool,key i think is to take time with the fit and fresh water rinse after each use,one pair lasted me good six months in all weather/lakes/sea etc.
ray handley

Very Good Prescription Swimming Goggles, my swimming become more enjoyable.
K Andreevski

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