Our Guide to Frame Shapes


There are so many different shapes and sizes of glasses frames, it can be a little confusing knowing which is which. That’s why we’ve got a handy guide of the different glasses shapes that we stock, including which kinds of face shape that they suit, so can you pick out the perfect style to suit you.

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Aviator glasses


Originally designed as sunglasses for pilots in the 30’s, this kind of style with the iconic curved-square shape, teardrop lenses and double bridge design is popular with retro fashion fans. Aviator-shaped glasses add height and width to the face and can be made from a number of different materials, including thin metal and chunky plastic.

They suit face shapes with slender chins, particularly oval and heart shaped faces. They also look great on square faces with strong jawlines.

Oval frames


The wide and rounded shape of oval glasses is great for softening angular features, helping you achieve a more balanced look. They can also be useful for elongating the more narrow parts of the face.

Oval glasses look great on square and heart-shaped faces.

Round glasses


Round glasses tend to have slim arms, bold colourways and narrow bridges. Tortoiseshell patterns can be great for a vintage and arty look, while a plain black design is fitting as part of a geek-chic style.

These glasses go well with square faces as they contrast the most angular features. They can also suit round faces, emphasising striking features for a strong look.

Wayfarer-style glasses


The wayfarer style never goes out of fashion. The trapezoid shape and thick arms are one of the most imitated glasses styles and the angular style is versatile enough for a number of different looks and face shapes.

This adaptable frame shape is suitable for round faces, as well as square and oval face shapes too.

Cat eye glasses


The classic style of a cat eye frame is a throwback to 50’s and 60’s glamour and has endured in popularity. Dramatic, flared corners can accentuate and balance different types of jaw line and bring focus to the brow.

The strong, angular corners of a cat eye looks great on a heart shaped face, and can add definition to a rounder face. They also bring a dramatic contrast to squarer faces.

Square glasses


The clean lines and angular style of square glasses are popular for those looking for something smart and straight.

These glasses look great on faces with more curvature, so round and oval faces are perfect. The angles of a square frame create a fantastic contrast with these face shapes.

Rectangle frames


Similar to square glasses, rectangular frames are brilliant for those looking for clean, sharp lines that contrast with softer, more rounded features. They are generally a little wider and so draw more attention to the brow than square glasses.

These glasses also really suit round and oval shaped faces, adding definition just above the cheekbones.

Rimless glasses


Rimless glasses are perfect for those looking for a sleek and modern style. Their minimalistic design means that they don’t dominate the face, although semi-rimless glasses can offer a more prominent style.

Rimless glasses go well with heart shaped faces, while semi-rimless glasses go well with rounder faces.

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