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FreshLook Colours are opaque monthly soft contact lenses which provide natural-looking colour changes for dark and light eyes. Available in Blue, Green, Hazel, Violet, Grey and Sapphire Blue. FreshLook Colours are ideal for day to day wear or for a special social occasion.

These lenses are designed to be worn for one month. We recommend you not wear your contacts for longer than advised by your eye care practitioner. Always follow their regimen instructions. All colours indicated are approximate and the final effect will depend on your own eye colour, the darkness of your eyes, your skin tone and the colour of your hair. Each box contains two coloured contacts in a buffered saline solution.

Lens type: Monthly replacement
Material: 45% Phemfilcon A
Water content: 55%
Oxygen permeability: 16Dk/t
Lens diameter (DIA): 14.5mm
Base curve (BC/Radius): 8.6 (M)
Available powers (SPH): +6.00 to -8.00
Usage instructions: 30 days wear maximum
Colours: Blue, Green, Hazel, Violet, Grey and Sapphire Blue
Contents: 6 contact lenses per box

Ciba Vision has put together a website with tools which you can use to upload a photo of yourself and see how the various colours suit you so you can ideally try the lenses without having to purchase them first. It’s right here.

Availability: 50% of prescriptions held in stock. If out of stock, please allow up to 5 working days to dispatch. Please contact us to inquire about immediate availability of specific prescriptions.
Material 45% Phemfilcon Water Content 55%
Manufacturer Ciba Vision Frequency Monthly Replacement
Brand Name FreshLook Colors
Frequency Monthly Replacement
Availability 50% of standard prescriptions in stock
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I have super dark brown eyes, almost black. I needed purple lenses for a costume and have found in the past that lightly painted lenses didn't do a thing to cover my eyes colour. These in violet were PERFECT. On your finger, they look like they are really light, like they won't make a difference but when I put them in I was so impressed. I instantly had light purple eyes and some people even thought it was my natural eye colour. I had many comments on how natural they looked. I have issues with a lot of coloured lenses feeling like they are too big for my eyes, because of the paint making them thicker and the lack of air getting to the eye. These were incredibly comfortable. I knew they were there but I'm not that used to lenses. They never hurt and my eyes weren't red or sore at all. I will and have recommended this website and these lenses to several people at the event and I will certainly use this website again. It's worth mentioning about these lenses though: They have the letters FL printed on them. When you put them in your eyes though, you can't see those letters, it's apparently a standard thing with prescription coloured lenses. If however you CAN see the letters when you put them in, you have put them in the wrong way around.
Laura Carter

very quick and easy process. thank you
samira ansari

Have been using Fresh Look Colors for years now and the range of colours, plus the look of the lens once worn are second to none. I find the lenses cover my very dark eyes brilliantly, all whilst maintaining a natural look - I find the colour much more effective that Fresh Look Colorblends. As they have to be sourced from the manufacturer, I do find the delivery time is always a little disappointing, as you always get the 'Your lenses aren't in stock' email a few hours after placing the order. And I do find my eyes are very dry after a full day's use, but I do think that could be my eyes rather than the lenses. Otherwise, top notch.
Lee Dasilva

Love the Sapphire Blue - have just ordered the violet now, as was so pleased with everything - the site is easy to navigate, information is clear and easily understood, delivery was fast and efficient, have had no problems whatsoever with this site! In response to the poster who commented on the FL printed on the lenses - 1) once the lenses are in you can't see the letters (and believe me I've tried looking for them with a x10 magnification mirror!) and 2) it's so you know which way round the lenses are, so you don't put them in the wrong way!!
Sarah Dale

Tried the Cibavision colour blends in the past and were great so thought i would try the Freshlook contact lenses. They felt very comfortable and i'm loving the violet colour. First time in ordering from this company and had no problems at all, order was shipped quickly. I had a question about the contacts as i've never worn these ones before so gave them a call and they had no problems in speaking to me and answering my question. I did wonder why they had "FL" letters on the contacts but it's just to let you know which way to put in your contact lenses and you can't see the lettering once it's in your eye. overall had a great experience in ordering from this website and will be ordering again soon.

what they fail to tell you is that the lenses have the initials F L on the lenses, which is a bit silly!
meriel edwards

Quite convincing effect at a decent price. Very speedy, effcicient delivery, too.

affordable and nice colour,recomend :
alison nicholls

Great natural looking colour, very inexpensive and my eyes did not get irritated or dry out quickly.
debbie brownlow

I have had lots of pairs of coloured lenses in the past from this site and i have been nothing but totally satisfied with them. Not only is the site easy to use but the delivery is very quick I will continue to use the site and i would also reccomend to friends .
alison green

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