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Ciba Vision - Air Optix Aqua (6 pack)

24 lenses - £94.00 equals £23.50 for 6 contact lens(es) 1 Enter Prescription
Select Eye Base Curve Diameter Power
8.6 14.2
8.6 14.2
2 Select Quantity / Price
One Box (one power only) :
6 lenses, £27.50 (1 Box)
Left/Right Eyes
6 pairs (12 lenses), £47.00 - 6 Months
12 pairs (24 lenses), £94.00 - 12 Months
Sometimes called 'sphere' or 'strength'. Measured in diopters and always preceded by - (minus) or + (plus). Negative (-) powers help to correct short sighted conditions. Positive (+) powers help to correct long sighted conditions.
The diameter of the lens. Most brands come in a couple of sizes. Usually a 14.x number but could be between 13.x to 15.x.
Base Curve
Base curve, determining how the lens fits. It is usually an 8.x or 9.x number. Some brands use non-numeric base curves such as flat, media or steep.
Extra power needed for astigmatism. Always a - (minus) number.
The placement of the extra power in a toric lens for astigmatism. The axis can be anywhere between 0 and 180 degrees.
Select Eye
By unticking left or right eye you can order for one eye or one box.
Air Optix Aqua is Ciba Visionís leading monthly replacement silicone hydrogel lens. Silicone is very permeable, more so than the polymers from which lenses were manufactured prior silicone hydrogel technology. This allows more oxygen through to the... read more
Material 67% Lotrafilcon B Water Content 33%
Manufacturer Ciba Vision Frequency Monthly Replacement
Brand Name Air Optix Aqua (6 pack)
Frequency Monthly Replacement
Availability In Stock
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Customer Reviews

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Been using this for 6 months, slightly more expensive than my previous lenses but better quality.
Franklin de Montfort

Reviewer left no comment
Kitti Gyulai

I can't feel they are in my eyes. I like them.

Reviewer left no comment
Sweta Saraf

Reviewer left no comment
Delwyn Ledingham

Great product, fair price and delivery time
Jemma Richmond

Reviewer left no comment
Agnieszka Kuzdzal

Reviewer left no comment
Viviane Heininger

Very quick and easy to use service.
Jan Turner

Reviewer left no comment
Tetyana Klymenko

(The reviewer left no comment)
Maria Pigadioti

(The reviewer left no comment)
Leo Harfield

They are good to have on for only 8 to 10 hours maximum, after that they can become very dry and the eye start blinking repeatability to try to generate some sort of moisture and lubricate itself.
Mariana Garza

Reviewer left no comment
Erin Leuschke

Reviewer left no comment
Gavin Brattan

Olga Tsonkova

great service and product
Priscilla Fernandes

Best lenses I've had and from here, the best price and service. Excellent.
Ian Hodge

Customer left no comment
Giedre Kupliauskiene

Elinor Reisman

Love this contact lenses!
Egle Kacinskaite

(customer left no comment)
Katharina Kunze

Ciba Vision company has great products. I have been using them for ages. I was always satisfied.
Anna Janosi

Good reliable fast delivery
Nicola Mummery

I moved to these from Acuvue Daily lenses and found them a much better fit and more comfortable, and can wear them all day long.
Julien Bain

I have been using these lenses for many years now and love them. Can wear it for up to 13-14 hours. Service is great, if it's not in stock always get an e-mail to let me know and it still arrives quite quickly.
Adriana Birkas

The best contact lenses ever. Would not change them for the world. They are comfortable, soft, easy to use and getting them out. Excellent customer service.
Petra Michnova

the lenses are great, I never even know that I'm wearing them! Also fantastic customer service and delivery - thank you!
Karen Sargent

Been a customer for more than one year, great customer service, order confirmation and delivery acknowledgments always prompt and useful. Delivery is fast too! and Optix aqua are comfortable!
Fahmida Khanom

I have used this site and Ciba Vision - Air Optix Aqua lenses for many years and never had any problems. Always prompt delivery and great customer service.
Martin Smee

I always buy my lenses from Vision Direct now. The Air Optix Aqua lens is comfortable to wear all day long even when I fall asleep. They are easy to get in and out too. The Vision Direct website is easy to navigate so it's simple to order. The service is always reliable. Thank you.

Great lenses, used them for nearly two years now obviously changing lenses monthly...not the same pair for two years... Never had any problems, arrive quickly and so much cheaper and quicker than the opticians. Great stuff!
Jennifer Griffiths

Ive tried a number of types but these are the most comfortable ive tried.

good fast delivery and good prices will be using the company again and again!!
joanne hardcastle

I have used Ciba Vision - Air Optix Aqua for more than 2 years and found it makes the eyes look more bright and is really worthy of money!
Jing Li

I have used Ciba Vision - Air Optix Aqua for more than 2 years and found it makes the eyes look more bright and is really worthy of money!

Been wearing these contacts for a couple of years now! absolutely superb, and value for money!
Fahmida Khanom

the product and customer service is excellent

These really are great lenses, I have used them for 3months now and am really impressed, they are much more comfortable than the regular high-water contact lenses and often I forget I am wearing them. The only draw back is that my eyes can be quite dry in the mornings, so I prefer taking them out at night.
Jennifer Ireland

been using this web site for over a year now thanks 2 vision direct ive saved a fortune would recommend 2 any1.
chris nicoll

I have ben using this company for about three years and they always deliver on time and at a good price. It is really useful to have an online reminder at a time to suit to the customer.
Anthony Hopkin

I have been using vision direct for more than a year and the service has always excellent. I changed my contact lenses now and Im using Ciba Air Optix Aqua and it has been the best choice I ever made regarding my eyes. The posts I read on Vision Direct website helped me to understand better the quality of the lenses I had to choose.
susanna mori

I use to buy lens from Supermarkets or vision express branded shops and frankly they were ripping me off until I googled and saw this website. Its a very good site, very nicely explained about the products, very quick delivery and good selection of products at bargain price! Now I dont even look at any other website and more so, their reminder service let me know when I have to order next. This lens was recommended by my optician and I luved it as I use lens for long upto 7-8 hours. It doesnt let my eyes become dry and vision is good even while doing swimming.
Monika Gupta

The product and customer service is excellent.
Martsin Papadatos

The product and customer service is excellent.
Martsin Papadatos

Great and comfortable!

not very comfortable to sleep with after all. service is excellent !

Not that impressed with the lenses but the customer service and website are great!! Will definitely use again.
Ioannis Oikonomou

these are really great, comfortable, can wear them a long time.
Hayli Clifton

the product and customer service is excellent. My particular lenses were out of stock and an email was automatically generated telling advising me of the delay and also giving an approximate date when I would receive my order. Have since received a further email to say my order had been dispatched...feel very happy that this service is available from a customer service point of view.
Kathy Gough

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