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Trick of the Eye Competition: Winner Announced

Monday, 21 July 2014
Trick of the Eye Competition: Winner Announced
We are pleased to announce the winner of Vision Direct's Trick of the Eye Photo Competition.

The eye is the most powerful sensory tool in our bodies. Seeing is believing. We trust what we see. Or do we? To celebrate, Vision Direct, in conjunction with Digital Camera World gave away a new top of the range Canon EOS 70D SLR Camera to the customer that sent us in the best optical illusion. We asked you to send us a photograph you'd taken that was a trick of the eye, your optical illusion could of been anything from an animal shaped cloud to a seemingly levitating person.

We had hundreds of fantastic entries. Unfortunately there could be only one winner for the cannon camera worth £1000, it was very difficult but we came to a decision, see our winner and some of other favourites below...


Lara Samuels from East Finchley, London

This photo was taken on the incredible salt flats in the south of Bolivia. With very few props available, we decided that this would make an interesting and original shot!

Some of our other favourite optical illusion sent in by customers...

Amy Innes from Putney, London

This photo was taken at Johnston Canyon, near Banff, Canada on a holiday there with my husband Doug Innes. His brother James Innes and girlfriend Kim Andrews were living and working near Lake Louise for a winter season.

I snapped this photo of Doug (front), James (middle) and teeny tiny Kim while hiking the Johnston Canyon trail on my little point-and-shoot Nikon.

Steve Clarkson from Nunwick, Ripon

This photo was taken using black and white 35mm film and has never been published.

Bikesh. M from India

Visual: A guy kicked by the other guy

Reality : one guy simply kicked in the air and other guy jumped off the ground

Location : Bangalore, Karnataka , India

Louise Wong from North London

This is a photo of two zebras but from the angle it was taken it looks as if it was a 'Siamese twin' joined at the bottom.

Rosalind Sargent from Sutton, Surrey

A cloud in the shape of United Kingdom I took above Lake Windermere.

Jeremy Whittingham from Ryhall, Stamford

This picture was taken in the Lake District just above Grasmere back in 1983 before digital photography. We were walking and spotted a tree coming out of the rock face at 90 degrees. We thought it would make a funny photograph if I tried to stand horizontal with the tree. Just as my wife was about to take the photo the sheep turned up and made this image. Luck and Timing.

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