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Bausch & Lomb - SofLens 59

48 lenses - £96.00 equals £12.00 for 6 contact lens(es) 1 Enter Prescription
Select Eye Base Curve Diameter Power
8.6 14.2
8.6 14.2
2 Select Quantity / Price
One Box (one power only) :
6 lenses, £12.95 (1 Box)
Left/Right Eyes
6 pairs (12 lenses), £25.50 - 6 Months
12 pairs (24 lenses), £49.00 - 12 Months
24 pairs (48 lenses), £96.00 - 24 Months
Sometimes called 'sphere' or 'strength'. Measured in diopters and always preceded by - (minus) or + (plus). Negative (-) powers help to correct short sighted conditions. Positive (+) powers help to correct long sighted conditions.
The diameter of the lens. Most brands come in a couple of sizes. Usually a 14.x number but could be between 13.x to 15.x.
Base Curve
Base curve, determining how the lens fits. It is usually an 8.x or 9.x number. Some brands use non-numeric base curves such as flat, media or steep.
Extra power needed for astigmatism. Always a - (minus) number.
The placement of the extra power in a toric lens for astigmatism. The axis can be anywhere between 0 and 180 degrees.
Select Eye
By unticking left or right eye you can order for one eye or one box.
Normally, the optician will fit free Soflens 59 trial lenses onto your eyes and ensure individual suitability, prior to you ordering them online. The eye care professional will also give advice on hygiene, cleaning, storage and after care for your... read more
Material 41% Hilafilcon B Water Content 59%
Manufacturer Bausch & Lomb Frequency Monthly Replacement
Brand Name SofLens 59
Frequency Monthly Replacement
Availability 95% of standard prescriptions in stock
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just what I asked for. Thanks
Ricardo Hidalgo

Sunyoung Torney

Excellent lens.. and affordable! :-)
Josie Cruz

Extremely comfortable lenses.
Barbara Amer

These are the most comfortable extended wear contacts. They are the only lenses I wear and trust. Love them!
Gayatri Rajagopalan

Nice lenses

I have been very happy with my contact lenses to-date. Each time I have placed an order, it has reached me within good time. Thus far nothing negative to report. Very happy with my lenses too.
sharon agostini

I love the fact that I can find the lenses I need with a click and also, if not in stock they promise to notify you when the merchandise will be delivered to carry out your order
Mercedes Torres

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